• Your Book As Your Business Card, Part 2

    Your Book as Your Business Card, Part 2

    By Writestream Publishing Contributor Kristyn Fetterman


    In Your Book As Your Business Card Part 1, we introduced the concept of having a book be your new business card. We mentioned that it is a great way to gain business and recognition in your field. Having a published book will ensure you stand out among competitors in your area of business. When you think of the concept of having a book be your business card, some obvious questions arise.

    What should I include in my book?

    With your book acting as your business card, you will want to keep it relatively short. Give people an idea of who you are. You will want to mostly talk about what you do and why you do it but you certainly don’t want to seem like a robot. Include some information about yourself, your life and how you got to where you are to add the human element to the mix. Get to the point quickly and try not to overload your readers and potential clients with information. Show them why they should choose you and your business when they are in the market for your services.

    Another thing to consider is the general look of your book. As you would with a regular business card, you want your book to stand out. If you can, try not to skimp on the actual quality of the book. Find someone who can create original cover art for you, or do it yourself if you are creative and artsy. Use good-quality paperboard for the cover and that the book is well made. This is a representation of both you and your business; make sure you are happy with it.

    How should I distribute my book?

    You need to think of your book as an investment in your business (just like business cards). You should give your book out for free to potential clients and other people in your field. Get your name out there by making it available to everyone who should read it. Have them for sale for the general public but try to keep it low-cost because each person who decides not to purchase your book due to the cost is a potential customer lost.

    What should the goal be?

    Well, your goal should certainly not be to make money off of your book. The majority of money that you may make from writing your book should come directly from your business. Your goal is to grow from your book. Grow your business, grow in your field, and grow your network. If you are going to write a book to use as your business card, you should do it for the right reasons.

    Happy Writing!

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