• Your Book As Your Business Card, Part 1

    Your Book As Your Business Card, Part 1

    By Kristyn Fetterman, Writestream Publishing Contributor

    No matter what your profession is, business cards are always a beneficial tool for anyone looking to move their business forward. The unfortunate part is that business cards do not tend to offer you much room to explain what you do and why you are the person they should come to if they are in the market for your service. However, the one thing, with the exception of yourself, that could give potential clients plenty of information about what you do and why you are the one they should come to is a book.

    It is becoming increasingly common for entrepreneurs, business owners, and experts to write books about what it is they do. Having a book can be what separates you from the rest of the people or businesses in your field. Think about it; say you, as a consumer, are deciding between two companies that offer the same service at a similar price range. However, the only difference is that the owner of the one company has published a book about the service you are in need of and the other has not. Which company are you more likely to choose? I would choose the company with the owner who has written a book.

    If you do choose to write a book based on what you do as a career, you should make sure that the book represents all that you do as well as what separates you from any potential competition. Also, you want your book to represent the future of your company. People want to see growth and movement in a company that they associate with and that is exactly what a book shows potential clients.

    So what does publishing a book get you? Business. Your book should essentially advertise for you. It is a tool to use in order to gain business as well as recognition on your field. You want people to know your name and what you do. When a person thinks of your field, you want your name to pop into their head as well. It is a relatively cheap investment worth a lot of potential gain within your company and your field.

    You may be thinking: “I could not possibly write an entire book. I’m not a writer!” I guarantee you can. It does not have to be a long novel. You will be surprised by how easy it is to write a book about something you know very well and hopefully enjoy. If not, you can always have someone write the book for you by way of a ghostwriter, or just having someone co-write with you for support.

    Happy Writing!

    Editor’s Note: If you would like to discover more about why your book is your new business card, tune in to The Writestream with Daria Anne every Wednesday at 11 AM Eastern, beginning on April 5. Download our free eBook, Your Book Is Your New Business Card.

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