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    It’s been almost six months since we officially launched Writestream Publishing LLC with the intention of offering all-inclusive, affordable packages to everyone who has a story to tell. In that short span of time we’ve experienced amazing success with the release of five books (as of this post), new ghostwriting projects (books to be released sometime in 2016), several inspiring clients (including an accomplished member of the U.S. military), an invitation to contribute to an influential annual magazine (details to be shared later), and assorted social media/copy writing gigs.

    After many years spent working on my own as a freelancer following the 2008 release of my novel, I am absolutely thrilled and grateful to co-own and manage Writestream Publishing with my beautiful, talented friend Lisa Tarves. I had no idea when I discovered her via a Google search one day while visiting Pennsylvania that she would become not only a close friend but a smart, savvy business partner, but I thank God that’s exactly how it all worked out.

    Lisa and I balance each other out perfectly in terms of talent, business acumen, and work load. We just naturally fell into a pattern of management, each instinctively knowing and conducting our roles in the creating of a successful independent publishing company. Beyond that, it’s impossible to describe the importance of trust in this collaboration, as with any relationship. I wake up every morning grateful to be in business with someone who is trustworthy, honest, and equally committed to Writestream’s success. Thank you, Lisa!

    Additionally, I want to thank the following people for promoting our company and entrusting us with their projects:

    1. John Ricciutti, Radnor Studio 21 Host – John invited us to be on his popular, local cable show back in June and this video interview has played a tremendous role in attracting clients.

    2. Diane Student, Author of The Shattering: The Lewis Chronicles, Book One – This excellent Young Adult Dystopia was the first book published under the Writestream imprint!



    3. Cynthia Foster, author of The Seventh Symbol: A Modern Allegory – We released Cynthia’s debut novel in the visionary fiction genre in September.



    4. Cindy Papale-Hammontree and Sabrina Hernandez-Cano, Miami Breast Cancer Experts: Your Indispensable Guide to Breast Health – Cindy and Sabrina hired us to edit and publish this fantastic collection of expert advice for women undergoing breast cancer treatment and their caregivers. It was an incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and produce something of value for those who would benefit from the information.



    5. Just Believe: Commonsense Spirituality for the 21st Century – The second edition of Lisa’s debut novel from 2012, I had the pleasure of writing the Foreward. It’s a fun, engaging read that combines Lisa’s real life experiences with metaphysical principles in an easy-to-understand way.


    6. Cherry Tigris – What can I say about this inspiring, multi-talented dynamo? I first met her back in 2013 when I interviewed her on Writestream Radio about her harrowing memoir, Toilet Paper People. Cherry is an artist, humanitarian, author, ghostwriter, musician and all-around exceptional woman. We released her latest book Un-Selfie-Ish just a few weeks ago. She’s also joined our team as a ghostwriter and banner-creator. We can’t wait to collaborate even more with Cherry in 2016!




    7. Kia Heavey – Another multi-talented woman, Kia is one of our fabulous book designers but also an author of three books: Night Machines, Underlake, and the recently released Domino, which also won a Kindle Scout contract. I first met Kia in 2013 when she appeared on Writestream Tuesday to talk about Night Machines. Since then, she’s become a recurring guest, a good friend, and a go-to book cover designer. Being able to confidently entrust a client’s vision with Kia is an indescribable feeling. She’s done an outstanding job with my new book cover, which I cannot wait to share. We look forward to much more in 2016!

    One of Kia's beautifully designed book covers.

    One of Kia’s beautifully designed book covers.

    8. Matt Margolis – A growing indie publishing company needs more than one talented designer and we’re thrilled to have Matt Margolis on our team. Check him out at his website LogoTecture.com. Matt also does creative formatting — another valuable skill for which we often hire him.

    Cover design by Matt Margolis.

    Cover design by Matt Margolis.

    9. Maureen Bucci – The author of A Snobby Girl’s Guide to Dealing with Cancer, Maureen is also a “techie” who helps us with book formatting. She’s currently working on my second edition of Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, to be released in December, 2015. Know a woman dealing with cancer? Raise her spirits with a gift from Snobby Girl Cancer Club Gift Shop.


    10. Our Writestream Radio Hosts: John D. Gresham, Von Goodwin, S. Evan Townsend, and Britt Allen produce quality programming week in and week out, providing opportunities for talented guests to share their wisdom and insights with our listeners. Visit WritestreamRadio.com to learn more about them.


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