• Why Writestream Radio?

    Why Writestream Radio?

    Since many people have asked why Writestream Radio exists and how it fits in with Writestream Publishing, I wanted to address the question in its own blog post.

    Writestream Radio History

    16107170_1296401937103968_9176361719163428240_oFirst, a little background. I met my fabulous business partner Lisa Tarves in December of 2012 after doing a Google search for holistic healers while visiting Pennsylvania for Christmas. Although I did the research on behalf of my cousin, she declined to keep the appointment. Out of respect for Lisa’s time, I kept it for myself. That led to a special friendship that has grown stronger since we launched Writestream Publishing LLC in 2015.

    In early 2013, I had an idea: create a radio network for authors and readers to help facilitate communication between the two. At the time, I was ghostwriting a second book and freelancing as an editor, copywriter and blogger. Since releasing the first edition of my novel, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal in 2008, I’d spent over four years appearing as a guest, co-host and host on internet radio programs.

    That’s why I understood the value of such a network. Many talented authors I knew struggled to communicate and connect with their readers, but in this day and age of independent publishing and social media, it’s absolutely critical to develop that ability. If authors want to sell books, they must cultivate relationships with their readers online.

    Thus, my main motivating factor in creating Writestream Radio Network was to provide a non-threatening forum where authors could discuss their books. Since I had author-clients of my own, I loved the idea of offering an interview on Writestream Radio as an additional service.

    Having heard Lisa discuss her book Just Believe (now a bestseller in its second edition) on several programs, I was impressed by her talents and invited her to join me in this venture. Thankfully, she said yes, and in March of 2013, Writestream Radio launched with three shows: Just Believe with Lisa Tarves, Military Monday with John D. Gresham, and Writestream Tuesday with Daria Anne.

    Writestream Radio Variety

    As of this blog post, Writestream Radio broadcasts the following programs:

    • Just Believe with Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer
    • The Mentor In Me with William Todd
    • Create Your Life with Tasha Chen
    • Partners in Crime with Sue Coletta and Kimberly McGath
    • The Formula with Jefferson Keith Langley
    • Love Liberty & Lip Gloss with Donna Lyons
    • Speculative Fiction Cantina with S. Evan Townsend
    • Get Fit Feel Fabulous with Britt

    Why so many shows?

    LoveLibertyLipGlossFor one, I have an avid interest in multiple topics. I wanted to bring as many subject matter experts to the network as possible — not just to cater to different audiences, but to learn from other people. Beyond that, however, I knew that in order to attract clients (initially for my freelance business, prior to Writestream Publishing), I had to leverage Writestream Radio Network as a marketing tool.

    Writestream Radio Network Supports Writestream Publishing LLC Clients

    Before Lisa and I launched Writestream Publishing LLC in June of 2015, we discussed our own experiences with self-publishing companies and brainstormed the ways in which we could offer something better. Aside from all-inclusive publishing packages and personalized service, we realized Writestream Radio added value to our offerings by support our clients’ marketing efforts.

    To be clear, we’ve not yet reached the point where the majority of Writestream Radio guests are Writestream Publishing clients, but we work toward that goal daily. Moreover, we leverage the radio network to promote the publishing side of our business. A win-win.

    Since all episodes are automatically archived, our guests and hosts can download the .mp3 recordings, embed their appearances on their websites, and/or continually share the permalink on social media. Listeners who cannot tune in live can still hear the interview later, at their convenience.

    Even better? We do not charge our guests or hosts for airtime.

    With the loss of our dear friend John Gresham last July, we’re still in the process of confirming a new show for Monday. We’re also brainstorming content for a forthcoming Wednesday program. In the meantime, we’re grateful for the excellent efforts put forth by our wonderful hosts and guest hosts and for our growing audience.

    To learn more, visit Writestream Radio.com.



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