• What I Discovered About Independent Publishing From Two Eulogies

    CocoaBeachSadly, I recently attended a funeral for a wonderful man who left this world much too soon. Yes, Bob was almost 84 years-old but if I had my way, gentleman like him would live forever. And as sat in the pew and listened to two beautiful eulogies, one written by my sister-in-law (and read on her behalf by my brother) and one by the man’s oldest grandchild (a lovely young woman), I realized that everyone truly does have a story to tell.

    The first eulogy extolled the man’s simple but exemplary life as a devoted Catholic, son, brother, nephew, friend, veteran, businessman, husband, father, and grandfather. Having had the pleasure of being in his company on several occasions over the past 21+ years, I have fond memories of him. Yet hearing my brother recount his life story as he stood tearfully at the pulpit gave me an entirely new perspective this man, who was truly one of the last of a dying breed of American patriots.

    But when his granddaughter read her prepared notes in which she detailed their shared love of books and reading, it really hit me: what an opportunity we have while we’re here to leave a legacy in both deeds and words. Knowing this man to be very humble, I imagine he would’ve balked at the idea of writing a book about his life, even if fictionalized. Yet I couldn’t help thinking what a comfort it would be to his family if someone had penned and professionally published his story — if only to share among family and friends.

    In our celebrity-obsessed culture, we often overlook the everyday heroes who make the world function with some semblance of honor, responsibility, sacrifice, and service. But we can all do our part to counteract this trend and promote goodness by taking the time to write and publish stories about people who’ve made a positive, lasting difference in the world — even if only just in their own little corner.

    Is there someone you know whose presence has made your existence brighter, more fulfilling, and joyful?

    Consider honoring them now (or even if they’ve already passed on) by leaving a lasting legacy in the form of a book. With the blessings of modern technology, we have an amazing opportunity to ensure that the quiet heroes among us are always remembered and revered.

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