• Watch the Book Trailer for Just Believe by Lisa Tarves!

    Watch the book trailer for Just Believe by Lisa Tarves.

    The second edition of this excellent book weaves Lisa’s personal story of connecting with angels as a child with practical wisdom gleaned from years of personal and professional experience.

    • Are energy vampires draining you?
    • Want to become more connected to your spirituality?
    • Why is forgiveness so important?
    • What the heck is a chakra anyway?

    Lisa answers these important questions, along with many others in her own easygoing, conversational style:

    In this new edition of her 5-star rated debut book Just Believe, author, metaphysician, and gifted angel intuitive Lisa Tarves shares her experience of growing up with an ability to communicate with angels and the beliefs that gift helped form. With a nod to contemporary life, she also expands on principles including forgiveness, energy vampires, choosing happiness, the law of attraction, and the afterlife, applying them to today’s world. A busy, modern woman, in this updated edition Lisa also discusses her latest ventures, Writestream Radio, and Writestream Publishing. Ready to incorporate easy-to-understand spiritual practices into your lifestyle? Pour yourself a glass of wine and prepare to indulge in spirituality for the 21st Century with Lisa Tarves.

    Available in Kindle and paperback from Amazon.com.

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