• The Costs of Self-Publishing

    If you’re seeking to self-publish a book, be sure to do your research into the costs of self-publishing. The good news for authors is that we live in a time when self-publishing companies are everywhere. With one click, you can find an endless list to choose from. But what are the costs of self-publishing? How do you decide if the costs of self-publishing are worth the hit to your wallet?

    We’ve compiled a helpful guide below. Before you choose your self-publishing company, consider the following.

    Services Included in the Costs of Self-Publishing

    amazon-optimized-kindle-app-for-ipod-touch-21471412At the very least, the costs of self-publishing should offer the following services in return:

    • ISBN Assignment (International Standard Book Number)
    • LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number)
    • Professional Cover Design
    • Interior Book Formatting
    • eBook Formatting
    • Personalized Back Cover
    • Worldwide Book Distribution
    • Author Volume Discounts

    All of the above will give your self-published book a polished look, one that can rival any book sitting on a book store shelf. However, at Writestream, we don’t stop there. Even our most basic package, Aspiring Star, comes with professional editing, advice on leveraging Amazon’s Look Inside feature, retail pricing consultation, unlimited black and white photo insertions, a free proof copy, and inclusion in our Author Spotlight.

    Which leads to the next important factor.

    What Kind of Customer Service Does the Self-Publishing Company Offer in Exchange for the Costs of Self-Publishing?

    13101038_10157085753390001_1813042846_nDoes the self-publishing company provide good customer service? Will they assign a professional to your account to answer your questions and guide you along the way? Sadly, we’ve heard one too many horror stories from potential clients who signed a contract and paid good money to a self-publishing company. Before you enter into a legal agreement and hand over your credit card number, be sure they intend to provide the services you’re paying for.

    And finally:

    Read the Fine Print Surrounding the Costs of Self-Publishing

    Do not sign a contract until you’ve taken the time to read and understand everything it contains. That means, you know exactly what to expect from the self-publishing company in exchange for your hard-earned money. If possible, ask an attorney to look it over first. At Writestream, we say what we mean and mean what we say. Consequently, we post our publishing packages and pricing on our website. When we write a contact, it’s for the specific package a client selects, based on their goals and needs. Before we even get to that point, we host a free phone call with the interested author to figure out the best way to move forward. Once someone signs with us, we’re available by email or phone at any point in the self-publishing process.

    To sum it up: do your research on costs of self-publishing in relation to the services provided. If you’re on a tight budget, look for a self-publishing package that includes the items bulleted above. At a minimum, your investment in a self-publishing company should result in a book you can be proud to share with anyone.

    Would you like to learn more about Writestream Publishing and the Women of Writestream? Contact us here.


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