• The Writestream with Daria Anne: Write. Publish. Succeed.

    The Writestream with Daria Anne: Write. Publish. Succeed.

    With the ascendance of self-publishing as a respectable vehicle for sharing valuable information and inspiring success stories, if you’re an entrepreneur, your book is now your business card. Whether in eBook or paperback (we recommend both formats), a published book enhances a business owner’s credibility and presents them as a subject matter expert in their field.

    Unfortunately, the demands of running a business, managing employees, improving products/services, and making time for family and friends can fill up a schedule and erode any time set aside for the writing and publishing process.

    With this in mind, Writestream Publishing co-founder Daria Anne DiGiovanni decided to get back to weekly broadcasting on the Writestream Radio Network with a new program geared toward helping busy professionals understand the self-publishing process.

    Check out the promo below.

    The Writestream with Daria Anne debuts on Wednesday, April 5 at 11:00 AM Eastern / 8:00 AM Pacific. She’s in the process of scheduling expert guests to share advice on everything from cover design and back cover copy to book marketing and publicity. As always, the show will be archived; if you can’t listen live, you can hear the playback later at your convenience.

    We’re envisioning this new program as a helpful resource in attaining your goal of writing and publishing a book that will help catapult you to new levels of success. If you would like to speak with us now about your project, read about our Publishing Packages here and contact us today to set up your no-obligation consultation.

    We look forward to working with you!

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