• The Writestream with Daria Anne Welcomes The Mentor In Me Author William Todd

    The Writestream with Daria Anne Welcomes The Mentor In Me Author William Todd

    According to Forbes, your book is your new business card. Every Wednesday at 11 AM Eastern on The Writestream, Daria Anne and her expert guests share valuable information on the writing and publishing process.

    Tune in on May 17, when she welcomes William Todd, author of the 5-star rated book, The Mentor In Me. During the interview, William will share how writing and publishing his book helped him to expand his influence. He’ll discuss his 21 Day Coaching Series and they’ll take calls from from program participants, who will share how they’ve made positive changes in their lives as a result of William’s mentoring.

    From The Mentor In Me.com:

    Take a front seat to learn from one of the most successful mentoring relationships ever. In his book, The Mentor In Me, William Todd revealed the ups and downs of learning from one of the world’s premier mentors, Bob Proctor. This 21 Day Coaching Series is based on those hard-learned lessons and the unbelievable rewards, which can only come from picking the right mentor and practicing Attitude Consciousness. Take 21 days to learn an effective way to use the power of repetition to change your attitude and your life. You will learn the same Seven Levels of Awareness that Bob Proctor says created his success! And you’ll have the T-Shirt to prove you have earned brilliant attitude!

    Here are a few 5-star reviews of The Mentor In Me on Amazon.com:

    “The essence of this book is that personal development is a journey, and William Todd takes us along on his personal journey as he grows through the 7 levels of awareness. Bob Proctor’s Foreword and Marty Jeffrey’s epilogue are a delight to read also.

    “Just ordered 3 more copies to give my daughters—all professionals who want to keep growing—for their birthdays this month. Can’t wait till they read it so they can discuss it with me!”

    “The Mentor in Me was a very enjoyable easy book to read. William told many personal stories of his life, his ups and downs and how he got through them and what he learned from them. I think others will find this book helpful in life’s lessons as I did, since many of us can relate to having struggles like William did. We just have different ones based on our life. Bob Proctor’s advice along the way to William over the years was enjoyable to read and learn from also. It is funny how many times you don’t know something has been a lesson until later in life – when you reflect back on a particular time or situation and remember how someone’s advice influenced you like Bob Proctor did with William. William was indeed a great attentive student – now he has become a teacher. Thank you William – The Mentor in Me helped me reflect on my struggles with hope.”

    “The Mentor In Me is a must read for those in search of becoming more ‘present minded’ in their day to day. Williams teachings are relatable, and clear without the ‘preaching’ aspect that you find so frequently in self-development books. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to become more in tune with themselves!”

    To read all reviews and purchase the book, click on Amazon.com. To listen to the live interview, click on this link: The Writestream with Daria Anne Welcomes The Mentor In Me Author William Todd. The show broadcasts at 11 AM Eastern / 8 AM Pacific on May 17. Dial in with your questions at (347) 945-7246.

    For more information, visit www.thementorinme.com. Download our FREE eBook, Your Book Is Your New Business Card for tips on writing and publishing.

    UPDATE: Missed it live? Click to listen.

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