• The Mentor In Me: 56 Five-Star Book Reviews!

    The Mentor In Me: 56 Five-Star Book Reviews!

    We’ve discussed the importance of writing book reviews and how to write a quality book review, so it’s exciting when one of our clients receives book reviews. In William Todd’s case, The Mentor In Me now has 56 five-star reviews on Amazon.com, which is quite an achievement!

    Here’s a sampling:

    Life Changing

    This book is a simple read but provides highly thought provoking content toward achieving your key life desires. It has allowed me to make many insightful self-discoveries and provided the courage to implement the changes. Many thanks to William Todd for his dedication.

    It is amazing. It asks questions.

    This is both, a book to read, and a workbook. It is amazing. It asks questions, gives scenarios that make you think and grow. Love it!

    Amazing Book!

    William does a phenomenal job of guiding the reader through the mentorship journey. I have found it very challenging to overcome issues in my life without mentorship. However, there seems to be a proper way to mentor someone. Not only that, there is a correct way to BE mentored. William does a fantastic job of guiding us through the process of mentorship & how to remain humble through it all.

    Change Your Life with Author William Todd of The Mentor In Me

    This book seriously should be required reading for every high school and studied as a college course. It carries such a brilliant mind of ideas of how you can create the life you want with repetition to permanently change your paradigms. William Todd explains how to find the power inside of you with a number of true stories from his past experiences with Mentor Bob Proctor and his personal journey to success. For anyone who is seeking positive change in their life, behavior and character – The Mentor in Me is that book and more.

    Preview and purchase The Mentor In Me at Amazon.com.

    Discover William’s 21-Day Attitude Consciousness Series at his website The Mentor In Me.com.

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