• Testimonial from Surya Yoga and Wellness

    Testimonial from Surya Yoga and Wellness

    Here at Writestream Publishing we mainly focus on producing quality books. However, once in a while a fun copywriting project comes along, like this one for Surya Yoga and Wellness, owned by the exceptionally talented Elaine Oswald. We’re thankful to receive the testimonial below and have no doubt Elaine will experience nothing but success and joy in her new practice.

    Elaine Oswald.

    Elaine Oswald.

    I have known Daria for many years and have the honor to experience first hand her exquisite talents. Daria has a remarkable ability to create so succinctly a flow of words on complex topics and matters by using her amazing insights and writing skills. She has greatly helped me do resumes, brochures, and my website with wonderful results.

    We are all truly blessed that Daria shares her grace through her gifts of  writing, clarity, inspiring ideas, and mentoring others.

    With Love and Appreciation,

    Elaine Oswald, RN


    Be sure to visit her at Surya Yoga Wellness for more information about her services.


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