• SMART Growth Marketing on Lead Conversion: Advertising vs. Starting a Conversation

    SMART Growth Marketing on Lead Conversion: Advertising vs. Starting a Conversation

    When it comes to lead conversion, what is the difference between advertising and starting a conversation? During this month’s interview on The Writestream, SMART Growth Marketing founders Darien Hill and Jody Layne will discuss this important topic in-depth and offer tips for entrepreneurs on how to effectively engage their audience.

    Selling is about relationships. But, how do you build a relationship with someone you’ve never met? And, convince them that your product or service is the answer to their needs? It’s not easy. However, with the right attitude about your marketing, it can be done. Spend time with Darien Hill & Jody Layne from SMART Growth Marketing and learn the secrets to building amazing relationships with total strangers that can lead to customers for life!

    Discover the best ways to turn your leads into happy clients on The Writestream with SMART Growth Marketing on Wednesday, September 13 at 11 AM Eastern. Click here to stream the episode or listen by phone at (347) 945-7246.

    They met for coffee one day to discuss collaborating on a project and they realized quickly there was something there. Armed with years of experience on their own, plus a genuine passion for helping people achieve their dreams of success, Darien and Jody joined forces to create SMART Growth Marketing.  SMART, which stands for Strategically Marketing at the Right Time, is the foundation they build their clients’ campaigns.  It’s about putting relevant messages in front of prospects at the right time when they are ready and interested to see them. This dynamic duo believes that authenticity and relevancy is what makes all marketing generate limitless results.  And, of yeah, they always have a great time, too!

    Learn more at www.smartgrowthmarketing.com.

    According to Forbes, writing a book is good business. Or, as we like to paraphrase at Writestream Publishing, your book is your new business card. Download our free eBook for more.

    About Darien Hill

    Darien is passionate about inspiring individuals to unleash their inner champion.  He was born in the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua. In 1996 he received a track and field scholarship to Murray State University in Kentucky, where he received  his degree in marketing.

    Darien loves to help small businesses and organizations tell their story in a unique way and to inspire their customers to action.   He has trained over 100 banking professionas from companies such as Suntrust Bank, BMO Harris & BB&T on how to leverage social media to increase customer acquisition. He is a highly sought after speaker and has been featured on Central Florida News 13 as a social media correspondent.



    About Jody Layne

    Jody Layne loves people and loves to talk. Her passion is working with clients and brainstorming what will work best for them. She also loves to teach what she knows. After 25 years as a professional marketer, Jody has worked in lots of mediums, but it is the SMART marketing concept that she loves best.  She believes that consumers don’t want to be sold to anymore.  They know what they need and when they are ready to buy, they will do their own research.  The products and services that are most relevant and the companies that provide the most value will be the ones that win the sale.  Jody has presented her ideas to a number of groups over the years and loves to work with businesses who understand the value of marketing.  She also owns a software company with her husband, is a marathon runner and she is a mom to the coolest 13 year old ever.

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