• How to Self-Publish Your Self-Help Book

    How to self-publish your self-help book?

    Consider the following.

    Why do you want to know how to self-publish your self-help book?

    Snobby_cover_5x8_72dpiWhat is your motivation for wanting to write a self-help book? Are you seeking to expand or enhance an existing career? We’ve worked with accomplished clients in the corporate world who wanted to write a book as a stepping-stone into a new business venture. In cases like that, writing and publishing the book gave them even more credibility. One of our clients used her book to transition from an executive position with a major company to her own successful life coaching business. Understanding your goals will help you gain the clarity you need to reach them.

    How to Self-Publish Your Self-Help Book: Who Is Your Audience?

    This question applies to every book genre. However, if you want to know how to self-publish your self-help book, it’s especially critical. Who are your primary readers? Women? Men? Both? What age range? Level of education? Identifying your readership ahead of time will set you up for success down the road.

    How to Self-Publish Your Self-Help Book: What Relevant Experiences Are You Willing to Share?

    The best self-help books weave the author’s real-life experiences with the concepts expressed within the pages. Don’t just tell someone what they should do; describe how you used the same principle for success in your own life. We’re not just talking about business success ~ this principle applies to all aspects of life. For example, we’re currently working with a client on a book about mindfulness. Whatever the focus of your project, personalizing it by sharing your own experiences throughout will create an emotional bond between you and your readers. Furthermore, it will enhance your credibility as the subject matter expert.

    How to Self-Publish Your Self-Help Book: Do You Need a Ghostwriter or Writing Assistant?

    If you’re a busy professional, chances are you may need some help. Depending on your schedule and interest in writing, you may want to consider hiring either a ghostwriter or a writing assistant. This person will keep you on track, offer valuable insight, and make sure the book is written in your voice.

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