• Second Edition of Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal

    The second edition of Daria Anne DiGiovanni’s Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, is coming from Writestream Publishing, just in time for summer. Here’s what a few reviewers have said about the original novel, published in September of 2008:

    “Water Signs was one of those rare books that I had to force myself to put down because it was such an engaging, refreshing read. I enjoyed the fact that the story was set around the Jersey shore, as I am a Jersey girl myself. But what truly kept me reading was that Daria put so much life into her characters! Their personalities, their personal convictions, and their sense of family were so palpable that every time I read a page, it was like coming home to friends. The story kept me hooked all the way through, allowing me to experience Ken and Maddy’s life journeys along with them right on to the very end. The good thing is that the end wasn’t really the end, as Daria is currently working on the sequel, so I look forward to the day that I can pick up with Ken and Maddy on the next phase of their journey together! If you are searching for a truly good book that will leave you satisfied, Water Signs is definitely worth every penny!” — Amazon reviewer

    WaterSigns_book_portrait“The book flows with a great story line easy to follow and the imagination is caught in the rich descriptions of the surroundings as one can almost smell the ocean, hear the birds, and feel the breeze. The dialogue is a little abrupt at times, as some sentences seem to catch one off guard, but upon further reading, it blends with the pending emotion which ensues in joy, tears, heartache, and redemption, in which all can relate.” – K. Fitzgerald

    “Daria’s first book, Water Signs, is so much more than the compelling story that draws you into the plot, so that you actually feel real emotions for her characters. You feel as though you are right in the thick of it. You feel as though you are learning the author’s life lessons along with her. It is such an enjoyable read.” – Brooke Musterman, author of the book Reptiles on Caffeine

    “Water Signs is one of those rare books that makes you feel like you want to meet the characters in person. Yes, they are that real. It is beautifully written with passion for our country and romance. It is one of those books that is just like a good movie, where you hate to see it end. Speaking of more…please Daria, write the sequel as we are left sitting on the edge our seats wanting more. Madeline Rose and her charming husband Kenny will enrich your lives with their love for each other. Yes, a perfect romance does exist.” – Anni

    “I imagine thousands of other women will relate to Maddy in some way or other; her story is of the American girl next door, only deeper. Cliques, cattiness and backstabbing women are not to be found in Maddy’s world. What we find are love, laughter, family, hard work, professionalism, beautiful clothes, and pop music.” Daniella Bova, author of the Storms of Transformation Series

    “…a very believable and true-sounding tale. The best part of Water Signs is the way Maddy lives her life; with optimism, faith, class, and a wholesome, positive attitude. She has a lovely spirit. I wish there were more characters like her in contemporary literature. It’s inspirational to see a positive model of attitude and behavior when we have our own ups and downs.” – Kia Heavey, author of Night Machines, Underlake, and Domino.

    “Rarely do I pick up a book and become so engrossed in it that putting it down is not an option but that is exactly what happened to me, and will happen to you when you read Daria’s foray into being a novel writer.

    “Her descriptions draw you in, creating, as a good book should, a movie in your mind. The underlying themes of family and, most importantly, love, make this a compelling story. Daria is an amazing writer and her use of music to set the time and tone really gave me the sense of being there watching these events unfold.

    “I highly suggest owning this book and look forward to Daria’s future novels.” – author/poet Kender MacGowen

    With a new Foreward and cover design by Kia Heavey, the author has applied lessons learned, including the importance of dialogue and the value of the adage less is more. While the overall story remains the same, Daria Anne hopes the minor changes will provide an even better reading experience.

    The book will be available for pre-order soon, with an anticipated release date sometime in June.

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