• Second Edition of Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal

    The second edition of Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal is now available for purchase on Create Space. It is still on pre-order in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.com, but will be live on Friday, July 8.

    Writestream Radio and Writestream Publishing co-founder Daria Anne is pleased to announce that the second edition of her 2008 novel Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, is now available for pre-order in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.com. Read the editorial reviews below:

    “Her descriptions draw you in, creating, as a good book should, a movie in your mind. The underlying themes of family and, most importantly, love, make this a compelling story. Daria is an amazing writer and her use of music to set the time and tone really gave me the sense of being there watching these events unfold.” –Author and Poet Kender MacGowen

    9780996653176“Daria is in love with romance and thank God for it! She writes her tale of love, life’s struggles, and dreams. To read such a wonderful novel in today s world of cynics, it is truly a breath of fresh air. This story is a refreshing theme in our present society. It reminds me of those great films of the 1930’s with Ronald Coleman and Greer Garson or even Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. We need more romance in all our lives and Daria seems to live this in her writings! If this is her very first book, she will have a wonderful career as a writer promoting good old American values that made this country great. When men were real men with honor and courage and their women were strong, and they inspired their men to greatness.” — Filmmaker Jack Marino

    “To begin, the heroine, Madeline Rose, is an engaging character. She deals with the same issues most real women deal with at some point or other during the course of an average American, middle class, family oriented, and traditional life. I myself, though from a blue-collar background rather than an upper middle class family like Maddy s, have been exposed to many of the same situations portrayed in the novel, albeit second hand, through the eyes of my sister, who dealt with the same sort of dating woes as Maddy, before she married in 1990. These issues, (being stood up by selfish men, insecurity on the dating scene, and worries about weight and self esteem) are portrayed in a realistic manner by DiGiovanni. The Rose family reminds me of my own; the novel is set in Southeastern Pennsylvania, near my neck of the swoods, as well as the Jersey Shore, Philly, and Florida. I loved reading about the family dynamic similar to mine, with Italian food, sisters who share bedrooms, parents who love and protect their children, (sometimes a little too much), and aunts who love to gamble in Atlantic City. Madeline s Down Syndrome brother and her battle with anxiety were additional themes that spoke to me.

    “I imagine thousands of other women will relate to Maddy in some way or other; her story is of the American girl next door, only deeper. Cliques, cattiness and backstabbing women are not to be found in Maddy s world. What we find are love, laughter, family, hard work, professionalism, beautiful clothes, and pop music. The hero, Ken, Maddy s true love, comes across as very down to earth, and a bit insecure about his blue-collar roots and upbringing in a Jersey Shore town. The couple s sweet beginning turns sour after a series of misunderstandings, missed chances, and over-thinking of average situations. Initially, I was sad. I wanted Maddy and Ken to get married within two years of their initial meeting, have a family, and live happily ever after. But…this was not to be, and that s what makes the story. The separate courses these individuals take, their experiences, (good and bad), and the relationships they nurture with their own families and new friends along the way, make for an exciting ending to this charming novel. Ken and Maddy spend long years living separate lives, making their own choices, building careers, and yearning for each other throughout; the happy ending is worth waiting for.” –Author Daniella Bova.

    To pre-order your copy, visit Amazon.com.

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