• Above and Below This Reality: The Lost Encrypted Knowledge

    Above and Below This Reality: The Lost Encrypted Knowledge

    Writestream Publishing is pleased to announce a new release from author Melynda Pearce, the second edition of her groundbreaking metaphysical book, Above and Below This Reality: The Lost Encrypted Knowledge.

    What is the lost encrypted Knowledge? Why has it been deliberately withheld from humanity? In her groundbreaking metaphysical book Above and Below This Reality: The Lost Encrypted Knowledge, author Melynda Pearce reveals the illusion of this man-made reality and takes readers to a deeper level of spiritual insight. Expand your mind and free your spirit as she describes the Laws of Alchemy, the Christ Consciousness, and the power of the mind in clear, simple terms, based on her own Near Death Experience and astral travels where she met Christ and agreed to fulfill her purpose.

    With Earth’s inevitable Third Peril upon us, every human being must understand the truth of our cells and the blueprint within our DNA to save our souls from the desolation of the buffer zone and spend eternity in the Higher Realm. In her book, Pearce shares crucial information and loving guidance designed to help every man and woman achieve a higher state of consciousness with the Feminine God and enter the Higher Realm upon transitioning into spirit to reunite with their soul for eternity.

    The book will be available soon on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats, and everywhere books are sold online. We will update with links as soon as they are available. To purchase on Create Space, click here.

    UPDATE: Live on Amazon! Purchase it in paperback or Kindle.

    About Melynda Pearce

    The start of Melynda’s journey began multiple thousands of years ago in Egypt, one of many life cycles. Her current life cycle has yielded much success in fulfilling her purpose – to unite the two realms via the mind and heart by sharing great Knowledge that will raise the consciousness to return the reins back to each Soul of Orion. As a spirit existing in this temporary life cycle, she has raised her consciousness to help others to do the same while alive in this realm of existence. Minds and hearts as one reality of peace, with unique characteristic detail.

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