• Publishers to Avoid

    When we talk publishers to avoid, we’re not going to name names. Instead, we’re going to list some warning signs below. Keep them in mind as you communicate with self-publishing companies, especially if you are a newbie author.

    Publishers to Avoid: They Don’t Let You Keep Ownership Rights to Your Book

    An example of Kindle formatting.

    An example of Kindle formatting.

    What are ownership rights? As the author, you retain ALL legal rights to your intellectual property, i.e. YOUR book. If the company insists on infringing on this right, find another self-publisher.

    Publishers to Avoid: They Take a Percentage of Your Royalties

    These days, most self-publishing companies do take a percentage of your book sales even after you’ve paid them up-front for their services. While this is a common practice, we at Writestream believe it’s wrong. After your initial investment (which will vary depending on the package you select), there are no hidden costs. We do not take a penny out of your royalties. Yet we will still include you in our Author Spotlight, even if you choose our baseline package, Aspiring Star.

    Publishers to Avoid: They Don’t Include an ISBN Assignment

    An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number, a 13-digit number unique to your title. It enables readers, distributors, and retailers to order your book so that readers worldwide will discover it. Per the industry standard, eBooks are assigned a separate ISBN. If the self-publishing company you’re researching does not include an ISBN in a basic package, move on.

    An original, professional cover should visually convey what your book is about.

    An original, professional cover should visually convey what your book is about.

    Publishers to Avoid: They Don’t Include a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)

    Why is this important? The LCCN allows your book to quickly be found and catalogued by librarians and book vendors. Your book will forever be housed in the Library of Congress. Make sure the self-publishing company includes this in a contract before you sign it.

    Publishers to Avoid: They Don’t Include Professional, Customized Cover Design

    Yes, readers judge books by their covers. Furthermore, they can tell when a book cover features a cookie-cutter design that lacks creativity and originality. What happens? They’ll click right on by to continue their search for another book to purchase. If your self-publishing company does not 1.) offer customized cover design by a professional, and 2.) involve you in the design process, don’t hire them.

    Publishers to Avoid: They Don’t Include Interior Formatting

    Much like the book cover, the interior design of your book makes the difference between failure and success. Want a professional, polished look? Make sure your self-publisher includes professional formatting for paperback and eBook.

    Publishers to Avoid: They Don’t Include Professional Editing

    Writestream Publishing ensures that every book we publish adheres to our strict standards for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. With other companies, this service can cost an extra $1,000 – $10,000.

    Ready to discuss your project? Contact us to set up your free, no-obligation phone consultation.


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