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The mind is a terrible thing to waste. The world has changed at lightning speed over the last two decades. As a result, most of us are living our lives in a frantic blur of incessant emails, social media engagement, text messages as well as an over-abundance of multi-tasking – which leaves our minds in a state of low concentration, high stress and fragmented attention. Our minds are wasting away in this damaging environment which has become a normal way of life for the majority of people. Lost, Found & Rewired will give you the tools you need to shut off that distracting mind chatter, rewire your brains so you can get back to feeling calm, happy, purposeful, connected and joyful. When you understand how your brain has evolved, then you will be able to learn how to re-wire it and reap the endless benefits.

Written by a neuro-psychologist, but taught in language that everyone can understand.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover in this exceptional book:

  • How your brain conserves energy so it can survive and makes decisions on automatic pilot that may not be in your best interest
  • Why your brain has something in it called a “negativity bias” which causes you to attract the bad and repel the good
  • How negative experiences in your life become neural pathways in your brain, requiring re-wiring to replace the harmful effects
  • Understanding that a big part of your brain isn’t full developed and as a result, is causing chaos in your life
  • How the fight or flight response dictates your life if you aren’t aware of it
  • Why a few moments of intentional stillness a day can have a huge impact in your life
  • Understanding that you have an Inner Caveman lurking around your mind and ways you can get him under control
  • Dozens of Mind Tools that will raise your happiness levels and reduce your anxiety levels that you can add to your daily life
  • How to identify and remove the biggest stressors in your life
  • Ways to handle the daily overload in our lives
  • How to shift from the negative to the positive – even though your brain doesn’t want you to

The emotional, mental, spiritual and physical benefits of mindfulness Lost, Found & ReWired is filled with real stories, exercises, the latest research studies and tools to help take you from frazzled and fragmented to cool and calm! This is a must read for everyone who wants to quiet their minds and find more inner happiness, peace and joy.


Cynthia Dougherty, Ph.D.

Cynthia Dougherty, Ph.D., has been in the “Helping” business for over two decades. You can reach Cynthia at her website: www.gratefulpeaceofmind.com Her all-embracing wisdom comes from her training as a Wellness and Life Coach, a Certified Meditation Teacher, and a Certified School Psychologist. Cynthia also holds a Ph.D. in Human and Child Development, a Master’s degree in Family Therapy and a Certificate in Neuropsychology. Cynthia has practiced in a wide variety of settings including a clinical practice, schools, hospitals and major corporations. Cynthia now combines her psychology and therapy training with her love and passion and for neuroscience and mindfulness. Cynthia believes that bringing mindfulness into your life both personally and in business will help you optimize your ability to create and live a happy, joyous and fulfilling life. Awareness is the foundation of who we are and what we do and is the key to self-knowledge, transformation and being able to not just survive in the stressful world we live in, but to really thrive! Cynthia helps people reduce their stress by teaching them how their brain operates and then showing them how to re-wire their brains using simple mind tools. Cynthia enjoys coaching people in using mind tools to live a more fulfilling, happier and less fear-driven life.


What is the lost encrypted Knowledge? Why has it been deliberately withheld from humanity? In her groundbreaking metaphysical book Above and Below This Reality: The Lost Encrypted Knowledge, author Melynda Pearce reveals the illusion of this man-made reality and takes readers to a deeper level of spiritual insight. Expand your mind and free your spirit as she describes the Laws of Alchemy, the Christ Consciousness, and the power of the mind in clear, simple terms, based on her own Near Death Experience and astral travels where she met Christ and agreed to fulfill her purpose.

With Earth’s inevitable Third Peril upon us, every human being must understand the truth of our cells and the blueprint within our DNA to save our souls from the desolation of the buffer zone and spend eternity in the Higher Realm. In her book, Pearce shares crucial information and loving guidance designed to help every man and woman achieve a higher state of consciousness with the Feminine God and enter the Higher Realm upon transitioning into spirit to reunite with their soul for eternity.

Melynda Pearce

The start of Melynda’s journey began multiple thousands of years ago in Egypt, one of many life cycles. Her current life cycle has yielded much success in fulfilling her purpose – to unite the two realms via the mind and heart by sharing great Knowledge that will raise the consciousness to return the reins back to each Soul of Orion. As a spirit existing in this temporary life cycle, she has raised her consciousness to help others to do the same while alive in this realm of existence. Minds and hearts as one reality of peace, with unique characteristic detail.







Jeannie Longacre

A Driven Soul

Like many lost souls, Jeannie’s was on the wrong path. Stricken with addiction and heartache, negativity had become a way of life. As if from beyond the grave, the love from her father changed everything. With a new outlook, Jeannie managed to turn her life around. Now she shares this miracle of love with you. This is a story of hope.

Preview and purchase A Driven Soul at Amazon.com.




Colby Psychic Rebel 

There has never been a better time to launch and grow your spiritual business than right now! There is a shift in consciousness and people want clarity and they want it now. They are online searching right now for someone with your unique spiritual skills and talents to help them overcome obstacles, discover solutions to their problems and have a higher quality of life.

14249787_506909896100165_7549410266732320345_oIf you’re a spiritual entrepreneur just starting out or wanting to grow your business exponentially, then you’re in the right place.

Thousands of spiritual entrepreneurs have tried to launch their small business and many have failed; they’ve failed due to not having the tools to help them attract their perfect tribe, how to stand out in the industry, how to build a professional brand, how to position themselves as the expert, how to set up the foundation of an online business, how to automate their business, how to show the world their unique gifts and so much more!

What if you had a “Start-Up” Playbook that contained not only proven strategies and tactics to building your spiritual business, but also wisdom, inspiration, motivation and love?

Do you think that would change your life and the direction of your business?

Leap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business was written byColby Psychic Rebelwith love to give you the inspiration, strategy and tactics to start, grow and build your business the right way
. Many entrepreneurs learn by trial and error, which is exhausting and the road often leads to failure because they don’t know what they don’t know. What smart entrepreneurs do is get guidance and mentorship from others who have gone before them and they follow a blueprint. Experts invest in other experts. Leap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business is the blueprint you’ve been searching for that contains a powerful step-by-step plan of action on exactly how to quickly build and grow your spiritual practice.

People are online searching for you right now. The question is: Are they able to find you?

Most spiritual entrepreneurs are good at their “modalities”, but need help on the business side of things which involves: *sales, *marketing, *money management, *automation, *website building, *social media, *legal requirements, *tax deductions, *and so much more!

This book will teach you all of the above and so much MORE!

You won’t find any book on the market like Leap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Businessbecause it doesn’t exist. This book was written from one Spiritual Light-Worker to another…YOU!

You were “called” to share your spiritual gifts with the world and the world awaits you now more than ever. It’s time for you to move into your brilliant power and shine! It’s time for you to become an unstoppable Light-Worker for your dreams and desires.

You have been called to FLY! You can play it safe or you can put on your wings and fly…the choice is up to you.

This book is a guide for your inner and outer success! Let’s start our journey together…

Purchase the book on Amazon.com.

Major General Linda L. Singh 

collage-bestseller-linda-singh-8-3-16How does a young girl emerge from humble beginnings in a rural, four-room house and an adolescence characterized by abuse and homelessness to become a Major General in the United States Army and an Executive with Accenture, a leading global professional services company? For Major General Linda L. Singh, it was a series of moments. From choosing forgiveness over resentment, love over fear, discipline over recklessness, and hard work over dependency, Singh takes readers on an inspiring journey of self-discovery, love, and acceptance. With courage, honesty, and passion, she divulges how she learned to understand the value in every choice and experience, armed with unwavering faith and determination. Along the way, Major General Singh acknowledges the multitude of mentors and role-models who assisted her in her transformation from homeless teenager to self-assured leader, wife, and mother – a path that eventually led to her installation as the Commander of the Maryland National Guard. Want to follow her example and rise above your current circumstances? Read Moments of Choice: My Path to Leadership by
Major General Linda L. Singh.

Ken Crow

3d-finalIn 2009, the infamous Santelli Rant ignited a nationwide grassroots movement against wasteful government spending. Known as The Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party, the phenomenon spread like wildfire across the fruited plain, with the specific purpose of restoring Constitutional principles and fiscal sanity to Washington, D.C. By 2010, the everyday Americans who comprised the bulk of the Tea Party had made tremendous inroads by swinging the House of Representatives back to Republican control. It seemed that this political tour de force was well on its way to recapturing the Oval Office in 2012. But a funny thing happened on the road to the White House. What began as an earnest movement comprised of America-loving patriots was soon sabotaged by opportunists with a self-serving agenda. Combined with the naïveté of inexperienced candidates for office, nefarious schemes from Republican Party operatives, and a glaring lack of organization, it’s no wonder the Tea Party’s efforts to influence elections has fizzled out spectacularly. All is not lost, however. In his new book, Ego in a Tea Bag: How Greed, Corruption and Deceit Threaten a Great American Movement, author, blogger, and political activist Ken Crow delves into the roots of the Tea Party, exposes the profiteers of patriotism, and lays out a practical, workable plan for achieving the goal of limited government and securing the promise of the United States of America for generations to come.

Visit CrowsNestPolitics.com for more information.

Lieutenant Keith Schneider

13101038_10157085753390001_1813042846_nNo matter where he serves, every fireman has a singular purpose: to prevent the tragic loss of life. For Lieutenant Keith Schneider of the Brevard County Fire Department in Florida, guarding his every neighbor is a solemn responsibility. But how do first responders like him cope with the 24/7 grind of gruesome EMS calls, raging infernos, and internal political strife when there is no real outlet available to them? Where do they turn when fighting the wars at home means there is no escaping the memory of horrific sights, haunting sounds, brutal injuries, and devastating loss? How do they repair the damage to their psyches and, by extension, their personal relationships?

In To Guard My Every Neighbor: Inside the Fire, Lieutenant Schneider recounts some of the worst calls of his 30-year career in an effort to educate the public on the multi-faceted role of a fireman, raise awareness about PTSD in first responders, and provide would-be firemen with valuable information gleaned from his decades of experience. With exceptional courage and honesty, he offers an insider’s perspective of the profession, pulling no punches. From bogus lawsuits and leadership failures, to heroic rescues and miraculous recoveries, he ll draw you into the stressful world in which first responders live and work in a never-ending effort to save lives and serve their communities.

To Guard My Every Neighbor: Inside the Fire will inspire you, surprise you, and even shock you. Most of all, it will renew your appreciation for the uniformed men and women in your community who go above and beyond the call of duty, often at great risk to their own lives.

Lisa Tarves

LisaJustBelieveCoverIn this new edition of her 5-star rated debut book Just Believe, author, metaphysician, and gifted angel intuitive Lisa Tarves shares her experience of growing up with an ability to communicate with angels and the beliefs that gift helped form. With a nod to contemporary life, she also expands on principles including forgiveness, energy vampires, choosing happiness, the law of attraction, and the afterlife, applying them to today’s world. A busy, modern woman, in this updated edition Lisa also discusses her latest ventures, Writestream Radio, and Writestream Publishing. Ready to incorporate easy-to-understand spiritual practices into your lifestyle? Pour yourself a glass of wine and prepare to indulge in spirituality for the 21st Century with Lisa Tarves.

Leo Brown

LEOBROWN1Bad, bad Leo who? You think you know a little about psychics, mediums, and healers, right? Ever wonder what they’re really like? What their personal day-to-day lives are like? What brought them to become the person who helps others to make their most important life decisions? Get to know one of these gifted psychics who despite the odds placed against him, pressed forward and walked through hell, only to have come out of the back door. His story proves that despite your issues and hangups, you are not only special but you are FABULOUS!





Cindy Papale-Hammontree and Sabrina Hernandez-Cano

MBCE_6x9_cover_HiRes_printMiami Breast Cancer Experts: Your Indispensable Guide to Breast Health. In their brand-new book, a follow-up to their popular 2007 release The Empty Cup Runneth Over, co-authors Cindy Papale-Hammontree and Sabrina Hernandez-Cano, RD, NC, CDE, have once again created a must-read for everyone affected by breast cancer by gathering an incredible group of experts and survivors, updating contents, and adding several chapters to inform readers about the latest treatment options. As noted by Gail Ironson, M.D., Ph.D. in the Foreward, “The terrific thing about this book is that it covers multiple topics, and does so in a readable, interesting way – enabling us to be better informed about how to cope, what to expect, and how to make wise treatment decisions. It will also help you discuss options with medical personnel.” Miami Breast Cancer Experts has also received rave reviews from well-known critics like Vince Papale, colon cancer survivor and former NFL football player upon whose life the 2006 film Invincible was based. Notes Papale, “As you read through the book Miami Breast Cancer Experts and experience the compelling and courageous stories of the survivors, you will certainly find out that the savior is yourself first. To me invincibility is the synergy of mind, body and spirit and these women have truly proven themselves to be Invincible!”

Visit their website at MiamiBreastCancerExperts.com.


Cynthia Foster

Cover design by Matt Margolis.

Cover design by Matt Margolis.

On December 15, 2021, Mosha, son of Gnosis, god of Light, time travels and releases the Seventh Symbol inside the Great Pyramid in Giza. This event creates a Gold Capstone on the pyramid and initiates a powerful energy that will transform the Earth and her unsuspecting inhabitants over the next seven days.

As the Earth ponders the miracle at Giza, Gnosis, from aboard his Gold Triangular Starship, “transfers” Mosha, and his twin brother, Eber to New York. An Eye-opening visit to the Statue of Liberty reveals to them and the world that perhaps Lady Liberty’s Torch has attracted much more than “the huddled masses of the world yearning to breathe free”.  Was she a gift from France or perhaps a gift from an ancient advanced civilization awaiting the right moment in time to be reborn?

Travel with Mosha and Eber to Washington DC and stand on the final battlefield of Light and Dark. As a battle of wits ensues between Gnosis, god of Light and Draco the Dragon Serpent of Darkness. Will America be the “shining city on a hill” and lead the world into the Seventh Seal of Light, or will she be the Dark Corridor for entry into the Sixth Seal of dystopia and destruction?

Visit CynthiaFosterBooks.com for more information.


Daria Anne DiGiovanni

WaterSigns_book_portraitMadeline Rose is a sweet, sheltered and eternally youthful young woman of 25—the youngest child of a prominent Philadelphia neurosurgeon. Despite the unending support of a loving, close family, she battles formidable insecurities, thanks to a recent, bitter break-up with her first real boyfriend and a turbulent adolescence characterized by a few extra pounds. Unsure of her future, she struggles to live up to her potential as well as her highly educated pedigree, given her fortunate placement in an impressive ancestral heritage. Still adjusting to civilian life after four years in the United States Navy, handsome, affable and ambitious Ken Lockheart has two goals: to rise above his blue-collar, Shore town roots and to marry his true love. Though the epitome of the classic, all-American male with his boyish good looks, six-foot frame and broad, muscular body, he retains a basic humility borne of a relentless work ethic and an inner drive to succeed. When a chance encounter in a Somers Point nightclub initiates an unexpected relationship, neither one of them is prepared for the ensuing odyssey of heartbreak, personal growth and spiritual development that fuels their individual life lessons and leads them full-circle to a divinely guided conclusion.

TheShatteringBookCoverDiane Student

What if you woke up in a different world – only it wasn’t a different world? For fifteen year-old Harper Lewis, that’s the dilemma she faces upon awaking in a jail cell in the year 2050 after The Shattering. In this dystopian Earth of the future, strange creatures, airships, and steam set the backdrop for a war between two brutal factions: the inhuman Dagon and the immortality-obsessed Malucians.

With the help of newfound friends Z, Cricket, Baldr, Annie Devlin, and Captain Yazu, Harper must fight her way out of this prison and find her way back home to 2013. But when circumstances conspire to test her will, she finds herself in an unenviable position: Should she risk a return home, or join her friends in battle against the evil forces of the Malucians, led by the despotic Donald Carver, and the cyborg legion of the Dagon, led by the demonic Abaddon?


Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz

GTHbyGTH_cover_72dpiIf you want to hear God laugh, just tell him your plan. Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz was happily living the American Dream, having followed his own Great Plan to the letter… Step One: Become a vet. Step Two: Get a good job. Step Three: Get married and start a family. But as he would discover, as he drove down the interstate one October day with his wife and three young children, God had an even greater plan for his life. Left with a mangled body and a broken spirit in the aftermath of a head-on collision with a drunk driver, Dr. Scot entered his own personal hell of pain, addiction, and potential tragedy. Initially filled with anger, hatred and self-pity, he would come to understand the power of forgiveness and that his struggles were ultimately the path to his salvation. God’s plan for him was so much more than he could ever imagine. By going through his hell, he found angels to guide him everywhere, and he discovered that heaven is not something we find after death; it can be found right here on Earth. We only have to listen. Join Dr. Scot on this miraculous journey of Getting to Heaven by Going through Hell.



Maureen Miles Bucci

Maureen Miles Bucci was sharing a wonderful life with her loving husband until her world was turned upside down by a diagnosis of endometrial cancer in 2011.

Having lost a sister to this life-threatening disease, she was already unhappily acquainted with cancer – a formidable opponent. However in the aftermath of diagnosis, Maureen firmly resolved to fight her unique battle as though she were entering the ring for the ultimate boxing match – the outcome of which would mean the difference between life and death. While she was fully prepared to struggle and suffer, she was not willing to concede. Along the way, Maureen developed some practical coping methods for both patients and care-givers through the process of journaling, which later became the foundation for A Snobby Girl’s Guide to Dealing with Cancer.

Thanks to the hard lessons gleaned from experience, along with her refreshing honesty (borne from a genuine desire to guide others through treatment and recovery), Maureen’s writing is raw and edgy. She pulls no punches while addressing and answering many of the taboo questions for cancer patients and their care-givers, in order to adequately prepare them to go the distance.

A Snobby Girl’s Guide to Dealing with Cancer is part memoir and part guide book. In her own raw and edgy style, ovarian cancer survivor Maureen Miles Bucci offers cancer patients and their care givers practical advice in going the distance against this formidable opponent.


Shlomo Attia

STSCoverWEBShlomo Attia was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Shlomo Attia is an entrepreneur, engineer, and lifelong spiritual seeker. During his childhood, his insatiable thirst for knowledge and truth often conflicted with his traditional Jewish upbringing. In 1990, Attia relocated to the United States, where he set up a commercial installation and appliance business in South Florida. In 2003, a Near Death Experience following a horrific motorcycle accident ultimately led to the creation of his provocative novel, Steps To Salvation.

Step One: The End Days

Energy shortages. Starvation. Skyrocketing medical costs. A corrupt justice system. Biased education. Political castration. Religious conflicts. Rampant ignorance. A world ravaged by war, chaos, centralized control, and destruction. Ever since the time of Abraham, man has been ruled by his animalistic nature — with devastating results. From historical atrocities to totalitarian political systems, individual liberty has been under relentless assault. For souls repeatedly reincarnating into human bodies, achieving spiritual advancement is fraught with peril, regardless of the pre-selected circumstances prior to birth.

Step Two: Catalyst to Armageddon

In the year 2012, a gruesome act of terrorism violently disrupts the  G20 Summit in Chicago, sending the souls of twelve world leaders to The Other Side where Moses – God’s selected Project Manager for a second time in history – leads a team of Advanced Souls in advising the designated Salvation Twelve of the Divine’s ambitious new work for them on earth. But what exactly is Salvation in practical terms? What does it mean for vital industries like energy, education, food, medicine and money? How can commonsense innovation allow all of God’s people to have financial security and peace of mind? How can the One God Religion finally assure human beings that there is no death—only a continuous cycle of life? With formerly reviled Israeli Prime Minister Eyal Grad showing the way, these leaders will embark upon the brutal but necessary Armageddon War and a 400-year Race Unity Experiment as a prelude to Salvation Time.

Step Three: Salvation Time

In the year 2412 in Arusha Africa, nervous seniors in Mr. Bauer’s history class at the Race Unity Regional High School are taking a difficult final exam—one that signifies the end of the Race Unity Experiment or another 400 years of isolation. Will these students forced to bear shameful names like Hitler, Stalin, Manson and Tung demonstrate their knowledge of the Steps To Salvation and admit to their own family history of dishonor? Graduation, liberation of the Race Unity Region, an incredible voyage on a magnetic trans-global bullet train, and the final phase of reparation all depend upon it. But can juvenile adolescents live up to such a monumental task, even with the assistance of a sage teacher like Mr. Bauer? If so, can they count on the immature Adolf Hitler and the hyper Eva Braun to make the final, necessary payment on the End Days’ karmic debt?


Lori Colombo-Dunham

ROTRCoverMost women harbor dreams of a fairytale wedding and marriage. And while some do achieve it all, they are in the minority. For most of us the reality of living out our daily lives with another person demands compromise and commitment. Yes, it takes two to make a marriage, but someone has to take the lead. Why not let that person be you? That’s the timeless life lesson author Lori Colombo Dunham learned when an unplanned pregnancy rocked her entire world back in 2001. Having only known her baby’s father for a short time, she agonized as to what God’s plan would be for her marriage and family once she and her partner decided that embarking upon an unanticipated marital union was the right thing to do under the circumstances. So she bid her girlhood dreams of an elegant church wedding goodbye to exchange vows in a sterile county courthouse, mourning for what could have been. Little did she know that inauspicious beginning would lead to a magnificent marital and family life beyond her wildest dreams.

Cherry Tigris

Un_Selfie_ish_CTCherry Tigris takes us on a journey of self-exploration as she examines the anatomy of a Selfie. Why do Selfies get such a bad rap? Does chronic Selfie taking REALLY indicate mental instability? When is Selfie taking appropriate? Can taking a Selfie really SAVE YOUR LIFE? Use Cherry’s Un-Selfie-Ish Checklist to make sure you are taking the perfectly healthy Un-Selfie-Ish selfie.

Discover Cherry’s excellent body of work at her websites CherryTigris.Blogspot.com and Un-Selfie_Ish.Blogspot.com.