• Music To Write By

    Music to Write By

    A Post by Writestream Publishing Contributor Kristyn Fetterman

    As all writers know, it is nearly impossible to just sit down and write a masterpiece. We need to be in the right space and in the right mood with the right amount of energy, feeling inspired. If all of these elements align (which is nothing short of a miracle), we also have to keep ourselves in the writing zone. While some writers prefer to create in silence, many of us use music to help us keep our heads in the game.

    So what type of music inspires great writing? Well, anything and everything; it is personal preference, really. It might be best to stick to something that is not going to distract you from your writing because, well, that would defeat the purpose now, wouldn’t it? I mean hey, if you do your best work listening to the soothing sounds of death metal then do your thing; I applaud you, but I also understand that some of us need something a little less…harsh.

    Listening to something without lyrics might help keep you focused and it leaves room for you to write the story without being influenced by someone else’s. Classical music is great for focus as well as film scores. If these aren’t really your style, try writing while listening to jazz or even instrumental versions of your favorite songs.

    It is vital to have a playlist that you create specifically for writing. If you’re anything like me, the wrong song can rip you out of your zone quickly and it can be hard to get focused again. It would be beneficial to create a new playlist that possesses a similar tone as you are trying to depict in your writing. This may mean a new playlist for your different scenes. If you are writing a romantic scene, you will probably want to listen to a different type of music than you would while writing a fight scene. If you need a little help, try this list of music and writing genres with links to playlists. (via Soundfuel)

    music-878063_640If you are struggling to portray a particular emotion, music can help you channel that emotion. If you are writing a scene in which your character is going through a great sadness try remembering a time when you also felt great sadness and track down the music you listened to during that time of your life. Triggering your senses with music can help stir up those old emotions (warning: this might end badly for you), which you can use to help bring your characters emotions to life.

    Every once in a while, we all have those days when no matter what we listen to, it just doesn’t feel right; whether it is distracting or it just isn’t helping set the right mood. Try getting out and heading to a place where you can be surrounded by nature. Sometimes nature is the best music.

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