• Marketing Your Book

    You did it! You wrote your book. It’s been published (of course through Writestream :)) and now you finally see it for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all the places books are sold. So, now what? Well, the truth is, you still have work to do.

    Many authors choose to hire a marketing team to get their book noticed while they focus on writing their next book. By the way, not to brag, but Writestream has an amazing marketing team and sales plan too! Maybe you don’t have the resources to hire someone to do this for you. Sure, if you do nothing, you’ll sell some books, but you more than likely want your book to make it to the best sellers list. So what do you do? First, call us at Writestream Publishing, LLC. We can help you while still working within your budget. There are also some things you can do on your own that are either free or almost free.

    First, start a fan page on Facebook, get on Twitter, add yourself to Linkedin, start a blog, etc. None of these social media sites cost you any money (unless you pay for advertising), and over time you’ll get a lot of followers which leads to book sales. Don’t forget to use #hashtags. Many people search for topics they’re interested in by using specific keywords. If you wrote a romance novel, use hashtags such as #romance, #novel, #relationships, #love, #scandal, etc. Use whatever fits your books subject. Talk about your book on social media, but also other subjects that might be of interest to someone who reads your book genre. If you wrote a book on fitness, start writing articles or sending links to articles written by other authors on jogging, yoga, dieting, health…you get the point. By doing that, you’re bringing interest to your book and traffic to your social media sites.

    Another idea is to write some articles on your topic or teasers about the book and put them all over the internet. There are many free places to post articles. You can give hints without giving away the whole story.

    Do you want more marketing ideas? Come back to our website, www.writestreampublishing.com, every week to learn more tips and tricks to sell your book.

    Lisa Tarves
    Co-Founder, Writestream Publishing, LLC
    Co-Founder, Writestream Radio


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