• The Launch of Writestream Publishing

    The Launch of Writestream Publishing

    Writestream co-founder, Lisa Tarves.

    Writestream co-founder, Lisa Tarves.

    With the launch of Writestream Publishing, founders Lisa Tarves and Daria Anne combined professional experience with personal lessons learned in self-publishing.

    Combining our nearly 50 years of sales, marketing, writing, editing, blogging, social media, and internet radio hosting experience into a savvy, affordable publishing company just made sense. We’ve been managing and hosting shows on the Writestream Radio Network since early 2013, where we showcase talented authors and experts in a variety of fields. As authors ourselves, we know what it takes to produce a quality book and reach your audience online.

    We also know that for many aspiring authors, the cost of bringing an idea to life in paperback and Kindle is simply out of reach with most boutique publishing companies. That’s why we wanted to be different. There’s a wealth of talent and a multitude of stories just waiting to be told by the people who’ve lived them. And we want you to share yours with the world to uplift,¬†inspire, educate, and motivate by providing top-notch, yet affordable packages. Whether you need ghostwriting, editing, formatting, social media platform set-up and/or management, or a combination of all, we’ve got you covered!

    Writestream co-founder Daria Anne DiGiovanni.

    Writestream co-founder Daria Anne DiGiovanni

    There’s still a lot of work to do, but our site is up and coming — along with a fantastic new company! Hang in there because there’s so much more to come!

    Questions? Contact us here.

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