• Are You an Indie Author? Be Proud!

    Are you an indie author or thinking about self-publishing? If so, you may still believe that the old, traditional publishing model is superior, even in a time when self-published, indie authors are enjoying success. Once upon a time, indie publishing was scorned. But now, indie authors produce the most creative, insightful books. And that is definitely good news for indie authors and their readers.

    That’s why we love this article from Caleb Pirtle III on VentureGalleries.com, which makes an important comparison between indie publishing and indie film making, using an example from real life. Indie author, read on:

    A good friend of mine, Tobe Hooper, shopped a little horror film named Leatherface around, but no one was interested. No studio would touch a horror film unless, of course, Alfred Hitchcock was at the controls.

    Tbe decided to do it himself. He made the independent film for less than $100,000, cast a bunch of unknowns, changed its name to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and grossed almost $50 million, which was a lot of money for a film, big or small, back in 1974.

    Across the country, the indie directors went to work. Tobe found a crack in the door. The indies kicked it open.

    And here came the raw, unbridled genius of Quentin Tarantino, Richard Linklater, John Carpenter, Robert Altman, David Lynch, John Cassavetes, the Coen brothers, John Sayles, and Wood Allen.

    They didn’t need the studio.

    They didn’t want the studio.

    They could write and direct movies without anyone looking over their shoulder to tell them: “Sorry, you’ll have to change the script, the lighting, the direction. And, for God’s sake, don’t experiment.”

    The indie directors loved to experiment. It made their moves different and compelling. And many of the films were sold virtually door to door, movie house to movie house, small town to small town, until they captured an audience.

    The indies weren’t overnight sensations. But, in time, they became sensations.

    If you’re willing to hone your craft and invest the necessary time and money into important efforts including, but not limited to, editing, cover design, formatting and marketing, you can produce a high quality product to rival any publication put into the marketplace by the “gatekeepers” in the traditional publishing industry. We put that word in quotations because their dominance is beginning to wane as more and more readers discover the unlimited diversity and creativity of independently, or if you prefer, self-published books.

    With time, patience and consistent effort, there’s nothing to stop you from becoming an Amazon Bestseller…or simply leaving a legacy behind. Whatever your goals, Writestream has a package to help you achieve them. Contact us today to set up your free, no-obligation consultation.

    Read Caleb Pirtle III’s full piece at VentureGalleries.com.

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