• Independent Publishing and Managing Expectations

    In talking to clients and potential clients, invariably the following logical questions arise in one form or another:

    • Can I really make money from my book?
    • How much money can I earn from my book?
    • How long will it take to recoup my investment?
    • Can you guarantee book sales?

    These are all perfectly acceptable and understandable inquiries; after all, if someone is considering hiring us in the form of one of our Publishing Packages or for Ghostwriting, they want to know if their outlay of hard-earned money will be worth it. While it’s gratifying to see your work in print, for most of us it’s not just about the accomplishment of producing a book; it’s about reaching your audience, connecting with your readers, building a following and yes — selling as many copies (in paperback and Kindle) as possible.

    There are many pros to choosing the independent publishing route with Writestream Publishing:

    • You keep all of your royalties once the book is released
    • Depending on the package you select, you also benefit from our social media presence including Writestream Radio Network (which provides a non-threatening opportunity to develop your ability to discuss your work)
    • Your book and social networks become part of our regular social media posting rotations
    • We offer plenty of Add-Ons to help you market your book both in person and online

    That said, we cannot offer a guarantee that doing X will result in Y. As much as we’d like to, we simply cannot promise that you’ll sell a certain amount of copies within a specified amount of time — even if you actively promote on social media, host book signings in your local area, speak at various community events, garner hundreds of reviews on Amazon, and participate in regular interviews on internet radio. While we highly recommend a combination of marketing efforts the truth is it takes consistent, daily action over a long period of time (which can range anywhere from a few months to several years) before you’ll start selling books, breaking even on your investment, and eventually seeing a profit from your book.

    What can we guarantee?

    • You will receive a no-obligation, free 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your project
    • If you choose to hire us, you will receive everything promised in your selected package or add-on services in a timely fashion
    • During the course of our partnership, you can call us at any time and receive personal, individualized attention
    • You’ll work with Writestream’s contracted professionals to achieve the perfect book cover design and formatting for paperback and Kindle
    • Your book will receive professional editing, which is included in all packages (a stand-alone value of $2,500)
    • You’ll receive the benefit of our social media promotions via Twitter, Facebook, Writestream Radio, Google Plus, and LinkedIn
    • Depending on your choice of package, you’ll have exposure as a guest on Writestream Radio Network

    Still not sure we’re a good fit? Read these testimonials from our clients. We are more than happy to provide you contact information for clients who have graciously agreed to share their feedback about Writestream Publishing with you privately.

    Ready to set up your free, 30-minute consultation? Contact us here.




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