• How To Write If You’re An Introvert

    How To Write If You’re An Introvert 

    It can be difficult to follow the writing career path as an introvert. There are many aspects to being a writer that make introverts cringe. Marketing and promoting books goes against everything that introverts stand for and often, just allowing other to read what we have written is a challenge. Writing is considered to be an introvert-ruled career but of course not all introverts are good at writing. However, there are many ways in which introverts can thrive in the writing world. Occasionally we do have the upper hand.

    1. Listening skills
      We spend so much of our lives just listening to people and to our surroundings. The great listening skills that we prefect throughout our lives lead us to so many great stories and allows us to process them differently than an extrovert might.
    2. Deeper thinking
      As introverts, we tend to take pride in our deeper level of thinking, as we should. This is not to say that extroverts are not able to think on a deeper level because they certainly can (and do), but introverts are typically unable to shut it off. Thinking a bit deeper gives us access to some intense thoughts and emotions that we can put into our writing as well as our characters.
    3. Enjoying alone time
      In case you aren’t aware, introverts LOVE alone time. We crave it and long periods without some time alone can leave us feeling drained. Writing requires a lot of solitude and the amount of isolation needed can make some people crazy. Devoting quality time to your writing is what will make a writer stand out among the rest.
    4. Reflection
      Introverts spend a lot of time reflecting; whether we are reflecting on our day, conversations we had, people we meet or, most importantly, our writing. An introvert will constantly think of what we have written until we know that it is perfect. We can’t help it! This quite possibly unhealthy obsession habit of ours can be beneficial though, because we will likely end up with something we are happier with.
    5. Organization
      We typically need to have a carefully mapped out plan to go along with our writing because we do not like to be rushed and we do not like to feel like we are lost or disorganized. Whether an introvert is writing a novel or an article, taking the steps to prepare and organize information and ideas always leads to a better outcome.
    6. Relationships
      Introverts often prefer to maintain long-term relationships so we can truly get to know people. The intense connections we construct with others add to our experiences and stimulate better character production by allowing a deeper understanding of people.
    7. Self-expression
      In our writing is the place where introverts feel free and comfortable enough to express our deepest thoughts and emotions. Written words are our preferred language and we enjoy spending our time perfecting them. We love when we feel that we have perfectly captured an emotion through writing and we love reading a piece that captures what we are feeling.

    In today’s society, introverts are commonly thought to be at a disadvantage because of our tendency towards quiet and solitude. Those same tendencies are also great advantages in certain settings. Since we spend so much time in our heads and observing the outside world instead of pushing ourselves into it, it can be easier for us to create our own worlds on the blank pages of our notebooks. I’d say that is a pretty great thing.

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