• How to Write a Deeper Novel

    How to write a deeper novel? 

    We all want to write the novel that leaves readers feeling a strong connection to your story and your characters. Usually, these types of novels carry a depth that others do not. Depth can be added throughout your novel in quite a few different forms. You can add complexity to emotions portrayed in your novel and to your characters. You can also add elements that simply add a general sense of profundity to your writing. Try out some of these to take your writing to the next level.

    How to Write a Deeper Novel: Themes and Sub-themes
    Having intense yet relatable themes and sub-themes can create an important connection between your novel and your readers. Themes can help your readers feel that someone understands them in a world full of craziness. Also, be sure to have multiple sub-themes because they will make your novel three-dimensional and give you more opportunities to connect with readers.

    How to Write a Deeper Novel: Deepen Your Characters
    11018825_10206148562214525_585451163264590113_nYour characters need to feel real so they can come to life in the minds of your readers. Be sure your characters have layers of personality as if they were real people. This will give readers a chance to become your character. If you are having trouble creating a character with depth, this article on character development can help you sort out the details.

    Relatable Emotions and Experiences
    Getting your readers to connect on an emotional level is key to providing depth. Use your own emotions and experiences to heighten the intensity of your writing. If you have experienced a terrible loss, or if you know what it is like to reach your goal after a significant struggle, use those feelings in your writing. Your first hand knowledge of those emotions will be apparent in your writing.

    How to Write a Deeper Novel: Understand Different Emotional Levels
    It is important to understand that all sadness is not just general sadness; all anger is not just anger. Your character can be feeling down but that does not mean they are depressed. Your character can be angry about something but that does not mean they are infuriated. All of the emotions that we feel have different levels. Utilizing these different levels and understanding the body language as well as the actions that might be associated with them will give your novel the emotional depth you’re looking for.

    How to Write a Deeper Novel: Show, Don’t Tell
    We have all heard this before but it is necessary in order to reach a deeper level in your writing. Show your readers how your characters are feeling instead of telling them. Show their reactions, both internal and external. Show as much as you possibly can and tell very little.

    PiscesHow to Write a Deeper Novel: Symbols
    If you are able to incorporate symbols into your novel, do it! The more ambiguous your symbols are the better. Readers (and writers) love symbols. Using symbolism throughout your novel can help to convey a general idea or emotion without actually saying it. It is important to be cautious about when, where, and how you use them. You don’t want readers to miss or misunderstand them. However, if you use them wisely, they can be a simple way to add depth to your novel.

    Take it slow. Writing a novel with depth can take time. Be careful not to leave out anything that could benefit the depth of your novel. You want to make sure you take advantage of any opportunities to add depth, even if it requires more work or time.

    Editor’s Note:¬†This post was written by Writestream Publishing contributor Kristyn Fetterman. Need some help writing and publishing your novel? Contact us here to discuss your project.

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