• How to Name Your Novel

    How to Name Your Novel

    A Post by Writestream Publishing Contributor Kristyn Fetterman.

    So you wrote a book. Now it is time for that book to have a name. This, for obvious reasons, is a very crucial part to creating and selling your book. The title has a lot of jobs to do: it has to describe your novel as well as your writing; it has to attract and create curiosity among potential readers; and it has to do these things in less than five words. No pressure! So where do you start? Here are a few guidelines and suggestions to help create the perfect name for your novel.

    1. Write the book and THEN choose a title.

    Cover design by Matt Margolis.

    Cover design by Matt Margolis.

    It is always better to let choosing a title be the last step in your novel writing process. What you want to avoid is your novel being shaped around a title. You want the freedom to change your story while you are writing without worrying about it being consistent with the name.

    2. What do you want your title to describe?

    Your novel, obviously, but which part? Do you want your title to be a representation of your main character, your story and your plot as a whole, an event or object within your story, or the place your story is set in? Making this decision will help you narrow down your ideas.

    3. Keep it short and simple (but not too simple).

    If your title is too difficult to read or pronounce, it is highly likely you may lose some potential readers. However, people also want to be challenged so don’t go with anything overly simplistic.

    4. Do a lot of brainstorming.

    Un_Selfie_ish_CTThink up ideas, make a list, and keep adding and eliminating until you find the perfect one. Let all of your ideas sink in for a few days and ask others for their opinions.

    5. Make sure your title leads your readers to some information about your book.

    Your title can be a deciding factor in a reader deciding if he or she will like your book. Therefore, your title needs to describe your book in some way. If your book is a mystery or thriller then you need a mysterious or thrilling title.

    6. Punny is okay—corny is not!

    Double meanings or a play-on-words is fine, but be tasteful and keep your audience mind. You want to make sure you don’t shut down any potential readers with a distasteful or offensive title.

    7. Give yourself time!

    Try not to rush the novel-naming process; you might end up regretting it. Remember that your title will be the very first words of yours that your readers will ever read, make sure it represents you and your novel well.

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