• How to Know If You and Your Book Are Ready for Publishing

    How to Know If You and Your Book Are Ready for Publishing

    So, you have a series of pages that, when read in the proper order, resemble a book. You have put your heart and soul into those pages and now you think you might be ready for the next step…publishing. How to know if you and your book are ready for publishing?

    LisaJustBelieveCoverThe fact that you’re questioning it is a good sign. Unfortunately, the writing process involves a lot of self-doubt. It is absolutely 100% normal to feel that way. You have put a lot of time and effort into that manuscript. It can be hard to tell when the writing part of the process is over, so here are a few signs that you might be ready to publish your book.

    You have done research
    You should be considering yourself an expert in publishing knowledge by the time you are ready to publish. The last thing you want to do is go in blind when it comes to something you have worked so hard on. You should also have done a lot of research on the genre your book will be entering as well as the target audience for that genre. Know what they want and give it to them.

    You are ready to accept a bit of rejection
    Rejection is a natural part of the process. You will NEVER please everyone. There will be people who do not like your book and there will be publishing companies that do not want to publish your book. Although it is difficult, remember not to take these things personally.

    You have had people read and review your manuscript
    Before you are ready to publish your book, you should be well versed in taking criticism. You should have had people read your manuscript and give honest critiques. It may be best to have people you are not close with do this to avoid any sugar coating.

    You are mentally and financially prepared to treat your book as an investment
    No matter which publishing rout you choose, it is going to cost you money one way or another. Your book is an investment in your future. You need to be prepared to pay extra for better quality.

    SocialMedia1You are prepared to do a lot of marketing for your book
    It will be your responsibility to get your book out there. If you are luck, you might get some help from the publishing company but regardless, it is your responsibility to sell your product. This means devoting a lot of time and energy into just marketing. If you do not have the time to put towards marketing, be prepared to pay for someone else to market for you.

    You have some sort of social media presence
    No matter what your platform it may be (Twitter, Facebook etc.) people need to know you and your book. Be sure to get your concept out there. Readers should be anticipating the release of your book not surprised that you have a book out.

    Your goal is NOT just to make money on your book
    Your hopes for your book should not have dollar signs in front of them. If money is your main concern then maybe you should reconsider. Your goals should be more concerned with what your readers take from reading your book.

    You have read your manuscript through completely from three different perspectives
    When you think you have finally finished your manuscript, don’t send it off so soon. Read through it in its entirety at least three times: once as a writer, once as an editor and, most importantly, once as a reader. If you go through your manuscript from each of these different perspectives, you are almost guaranteed to catch something different every time. You need to read what your audience will be reading. Make sure everything makes sense.

    book-pages-heart-love-hd-wallpaperYou’re nervous
    You just need to know that you have written the best book you possibly could and you have put everything you possibly could into your book. If both of these are true for you, then do not let your nerves stop you from taking the next step.

    You are patient and prepared for more hard work
    Publishing a book is a long process. You will need to be patient as to not rush the process. Taking your time might leave you with a better product. The publishing process does not just require work form the publisher.

    NOTE: This post was written by Writestream Contributor Kristyn Fetterman.


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