• Gifts for Writers

    Gifts for Writers

    A post by Writestream Contributor Kristyn Fetterman


    December 25th is quickly approaching so if you are not done your shopping yet we are here to help. Here are some last minute gift ideas for the writers on your list.


    1. Scrivener



    Scrivener is the writing software on every writer’s wish list. It has helpful tools for every type of writing. You can find it here.


    1. iPad or Tablet



    If you are looking for a slightly more expensive gift, tablets are great for writing on the go. Pair a tablet with a wireless keyboard so your favorite writer never loses out on an inspirational writing moment. There are hundreds of tablets out there with that can fit into any budget. You can find this one here.


    1. Writer’s Block Soap



    Writer’s block is something that all writers suffer from. Give them this amusing bar of soap to either help them through their writer’s block or make it worse…either way they will laugh. You can find it here. P.s. they also have it in candle form!


    1. Desk Organizer

    Just a little secret: most writers have extremely messy desks. It must be all of those ideas constantly floating around our heads that have to go somewhere. Give the gift of an organized desk. You can find this one here.



    1. Tears of my readers mug

    Let your reader start off their morning (afternoon and evening) with confidence. This mug should do the trick. This one can be found here.



    1. Aqua Notes



    We all know that our best ideas come to us in the shower. Now there is a notepad that is waterproof. What more could anyone need? Find it here.


    1. Great Drinkers shot glasses

    These are perfect for the talented writer in your life who is also a talented drinker. They will be able to drink with literary geniuses that were also skilled drinkers such as Dorothy Parker and Oscar Wilde. Purchase them here.



    1. “I’d rather be writing” bracelet


    This bracelet is perfect for the writer who either also loves jewelry or who just does not want to do anything besides write. It is both attractive and sassy. Find it here.



    1. Noise-cancelling headphones

    If the writer on your list lives in a noisy environment, has children or just prefers to write while out in public, noise-cancelling headphones would be greatly appreciated. You can find them in all different price ranges or you can find this pair here.



    1. Calligraphy set



    If the writer on your list is an all around artist, a calligraphy set is a great gift idea. Writers and artists alike will love this set. You can find it here. It includes everything they will need to learn calligraphy.


    1. Folding LED book light



    This is a light that looks like a book and it folds up to save space! How great is that? Bonus points: it is environmentally friendly. Find it here.



    1. Pens and notebooks

    You can never go wrong with pens and notebooks. Writers can always use some extras. You can find these here and here or anywhere else.




    If you are looking for gifts for the book lovers on your list check out gifts for readers. Happy Holidays!




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