• Gifts for Readers

    Gifts for Readers

    A post by Writestream Contributor Kristyn Fetterman

    December 25th will be here before we know it. Still not done your shopping? We are here to help you find the perfect gift for the book lover on your list.

    1. Audible membership

    An audible membership is great for the multi-tasking reader on your list. Audible allows its users to read their favorite books without having to stare at a screen for hours or flip any pages. Each book is read aloud by professionals and celebrities. Give the gift of Audible here.



    1. Custom library stamp

    This one is for the book hoarder in your life. The one who always has the book you are looking for but has very strict rules about borrowing said book. They will love their own library kit. You can find this one here but there are plenty out there to choose from.


    1. Noise-cancelling headphones

    If you have ever tried reading near screaming children or in crowded places, you know how valuable a pair of noise-cancelling headphones can be. You can find them in all different price ranges or you can find this pair here.



    1. Book subscription

    You can give them a gift each month by signing them up for a monthly book subscription box like the Book of the Month Club. They can choose the genres of books they like to read and each month they will a different book. You can gift this subscription here.



    1. Bookmark

    For the reader who gets insulted by dog-eared pages, this classy personalized bookmark is the perfect gift. Find it here.



    1. Tote

    Book lovers need something to carry all of their books in. A tote, especially one with this amusing quote, is a great gift for any book lover. You can get this one here.


    1. Folding LED book light



    This is a light that looks like a book and it folds up to save space! How great is that? Bonus points: it is environmentally friendly. Find it here.


    1. Clear book weight




    For the book lover who likes to read outside, this clear book weight is perfect. This will stand up against the wind and hold their pages down while keeping their place. Find it here.


    1. Book worm ring

    Give your favorite reader a gift that is meaningful. They will love this ring that represents their personality. You can find it here.



    1. Gift card

    If all else fails, book lovers would be happy with a gift card to get them more books! Barnes & Noble and Amazon are always safe. Bonus points for getting them a gift card to their favorite local bookstore.





    If you are looking for gifts for the writers on your list check out gifts for writers. Happy Holidays!



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