• Friday Fun: Writer’s Block Video

    In previous posts, I’ve discussed Five Ways To Deal with Writer’s Block and Five Ways To Find Writing Inspiration. And I’ve highlighted Eight Ways to Use Social Media to Promote and Sell Your Book, something Lisa has also advised about.

    As a result of interviewing successful authors over the years on Writestream, I’ve learned that there’s also a balance that must be maintained between actual writing time and social media/other new technology distractions. Yes, as independent authors, we all must use social media (or hire someone else to do so for us) to reach and engage our audience. In that sense they are not distractions but rather, important tools we can use to help build relationships with readers all over the world.

    However, being human, this necessary effort can all too easily devolve into hours wasted on fun, but unproductive activities. That’s when we fall into the trap of putting too much emphasis on “social” and not enough on “writing discipline.”

    Most of us are gregarious creatures, and even the introverts among tend to feel comfortable hanging out in cyberspace — so much so that we end up wasting precious opportunities (especially if you have a full-time job and are writing on the side), while our unfinished chapter(s) waits patiently in our computers for us to complete them.

    That’s one reason why I found this video so hilarious. Enjoy, and haveĀ  great weekend!

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