• Five-Star Reviews for The Mentor In Me

    Five-Star Reviews for The Mentor In Me

    “I am loving the book! Great principles with a pleasant delivery. The fonts and spacing make it very easy to read. Great job publishing!”

    Raisy Gittler



    “Just received my copy of Mountain View Graduate class of “80” WV Todd — aka Billy Todd’s new #book The Mentor In Me. This book is an absolute read for anyone striving to improve their results in any area of their life. Kudos to William.”

    “Congratulation to William Todd for creating the perfect tool to self mastery. This book is very easy to read. William’s personal stories of development in each chapter captivated me. Then you showed me why and how to change. At the end of each chapter you gave me a workbook to use on my own habits. I feel you wrote it just for me and I am very grateful. Bob Proctor’s hand written notes added a dept of colour to each beautifully crafted chapter. Marty Jeffrey’s epilogue added the frame in which to place your masterpiece.
    Bravo William!”  – Mary Mira Robson


    “The Mentor in Me displays personal situations in William Todd’s life where his mentor, Bob Proctor weighs in just enough for William to discover his own way. I loved these interactions as this book evolves. This book may be the catalyst to an entire new way of life for you. Play full out as you read and experience this book. If you do, you will be an entirely different person this time next year. A new you, that you will be very proud of. Both William and Bob have had this type of impact on my life.” — Linda Morris


    To read all reviews and to purchase your copy of The Mentor In Me, visit Amazon.com.

    Learn more about William Todd and his 21 Day Coaching Series at his website: www.thementorinme.com.

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