• eBook or Print Book?

    eBook or Print Book? 

    eBook or print book? It’s a tired and endless debate, but it is important to look at both sides so we can appreciate reading in either format. Both eBooks and print books have a place in today’s world. Sometimes one is needed over the other for a certain task and that is okay. You are allowed to love both. I myself am a print book kind of girl but that does not mean I look down on eBooks. Let us, once again, examine both sides.



    It is obvious that eBooks make life a little easier than print books. You can take your e-reader or tablet with you anywhere you go. This gives you the opportunity to read what you want whenever you want, wherever you want. Light included.

    Beginning readers

    E-readers have tools that help young readers learn how to read and help them fall in love with reading. There are interactive books that help kids sound out the words and provide them with definitions if necessary. That is a pretty great thing. One point for e-readers!


    Your entire library can be stored inside of a tiny little piece of technology. This library can also be much larger than your physical library could ever be, mainly because bookshelves are expensive and a bit of a drag to put together.

    Save money

    After the initial cost of your e-reader or tablet, they can actually end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Digital books tend to be cheaper than printed books. There are also tons of free books available to download.

    Ease of purchase

    Having the ability to download whatever book you want no matter where you are is extremely convenient. You can do away with your long ‘To-read’ list and just search for a recommended book, download it, and start reading wherever you are!


    Print Books:

    Information Retention

    It is time to face it, screens are bad for us. It has been proven, many times over, that screens hinder our memory, do not allow for our full attention, as well as tire our brains and eyes. Many articles (like this one from Scientific American) discuss the issue of screens negatively affecting our experience while reading.

    It is nearly impossible to avoid screens these days; we work from computers, communicate through phones and stare at televisions. Limiting interactions with screens has been recommended for a long time, but hey, you don’t have to limit you time with print books!


    top_business_books.jpg_0When reading a printed book, you are able to feel the pages in your left hand increase and the pages in your right hand decrease as you approach the end. Once you get to the end, you are able to close the back cover of the book and have the satisfaction of completing and learning something. You get to turn a page instead of clicking or scrolling. You also will never have to worry about charging your printed book!


    If you have never smelled an old book then you are doing life all wrong! In my opinion, it is the best smell in the world. I am obviously not the only one who thinks so, unless the book scented candles, room sprays, and perfumes were all created just for my enjoyment. The old-book smell is actually a result of chemical compounds within the paper breaking down over time. This info-graph created by a British chemistry teacher explains it well. The smell of books—new and old—is enough to keep us book lovers hooked forever.

    Parent & Child reading time

    The time parents spend reading books with their children is important in both their education and their bond with one another. To be able to flip the page and look at the pictures helps children learn to enjoy reading. It is also important to take into account all of the books out there with pages that have textures, pop-ups, or smells because they all contribute to a child’s education …and they are fun!

    Browsing around a bookstore

    Any booklover knows how satisfying it is to just be inside of a bookstore. That experience heightens when you are actually able to buy a book…or ten. To browse around a bookstore among the endless isles of beautiful books is an experience that will never be matched by browsing for a book online.

    Both print books and eBooks have their positives and negatives, but the important thing is that people are reading books at all. We could argue this forever but neither are going anywhere any time soon. So, which do you prefer? Are you a print book or an eBook person?

    Editor’s Note: Due to all of the excellent points Kristyn made above, we at Writestream Publishing encourage our clients to publish in both eBook and paperback, which is why we’ve included formatting for each in all of our publishing packages.

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