• Do You Have a Story to Share with the World?

    Do you have a story to share with the world?

    What’s your story?

    Perhaps you’ve overcome countless obstacles in your life and would like to share the lessons you’ve learned with others. Or maybe you have a brilliant idea for a contemporary romance novel, a paranormal thriller, or a compelling mystery.

    Well, what’s stopping you?

    book-1421097_640Could it be that although you’ve got the content or the concept, you have no idea where to begin? That in spite of your rich life experience and boundless creativity, you’re stuck….and stumped. For a variety of reasons.

    Maybe writing’s just not your thing. Or maybe you haven’t a clue as to how to find a good editor, navigate through the independent publishing process and/or use social media to connect with your audience. The consequences?

    You — and most importantly — your readers are missing out. Because even though technology has leveled the playing field for new and unknown authors, your fabulous idea remains locked inside your head or hidden away in private journals because publishing and marketing in the age of the internet is just too overwhelming.

    That’s where we can help.

    As a seasoned ghostwriters, editors, and marketers we know how to bring a client’s concept to life. Whether it’s a slightly fictionalized or straightforward memoir or a creative work of fiction, we consult with each client to make their dream of writing and publishing a book a reality — all the while remaining true to their vision and voice. Although we make suggestions based on our knowledge and experience, we respect each client’s right to make the final decisions on matters pertaining to their books.

    book-419589_640Speaking of technology, are you intimidated by the prospect of setting up a blog, Twitter account, Facebook Page and other necessary online marketing tools? We can do that, too.

    Whether it’s simply set-up and training, let us help you create your brand, establish and maintain important relationships with your readers, and ultimately attain your desired level of success.



    Here a just a few of the services we offer at Writestream Publishing. For a free, 30-minute consultation to discuss your unique project, contact us.

    • Ghostwriting
    • Editing
    • Document Formatting
    • Management of Independent Publishing Process
    • Word Press blog set-up
    • Blog Content Creation
    • Social Media Sites Set-Up
    • Social Media Management
    • Social Media Training


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