• How to Create Your Perfect Writing Space

    How to Create Your Perfect Writing Space

    A post by Writestream Publishing Contributor Kristyn Fetterman.

    Creative people need a space to be creative in. They need a space that draws the creativity out of them and inspires them to achieve greatness. As writers, this is essential. We need a space for our characters and worlds to come alive, a space to allow us to write the thoughts we have always wanted to say. Of course, as we are all different, our creative spaces require different elements. Some creative souls are at their best in an empty room while others may be inspired by piles of everything they have ever created. Figuring out what is right for you might require some trial-and-error but eventually you will put together the perfect space to make you want to create.

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    It is important for your writing space to be dedicated only to writing. Try to avoid mixing work with creativity; this tends to lead to unnecessary stress and distractions. It might also be a good idea to only keep what you are currently working on in your space. What you want to avoid is something you wrote or created in the past influencing what you are working on currently. Instead try filling the walls of your writing space with artwork, writing advice, your favorite books or poems, or quotes.

    Quiet is a necessary component of the perfect writing space. You will want to keep distractions to a minimum. This does not mean keeping yourself looked in behind a closed door, which, for some of us, can be a form of torture. Just try to choose a place that is close to the bathroom and kitchen so you will have very little time in between to get distracted. However, if you tend to have a lot of noise surrounding you it might be a good idea to consider that whole closed-door concept.

    It is always a good idea to include nature in your creative space. Some people feel most inspired when they are surrounded by nature. However, if your idea of a creative space isn’t sitting in the grass under a tree, try a room with a window that has a view. Nature can be very inspirational and bring life to your ideas, so if you don’t have access to a nice view, invest in a few plants (and keep them alive).


    An important goal for a great writing space is to keep as little technology as possible in the space. Let’s face it, technology is a distraction. There are far too many things to do on the Internet for any of us to get any actual work done. Instead of your laptop, just stick with the old fashioned writing materials. It can be more beneficial to write on paper than on a computer but if you are dedicated to writing on a computer, then try disconnecting from the Internet. You will get so much more done!


    Don’t let your space get too comfortable. A couch or a bed might be a very bad idea especially if, like me, you are susceptible to the ‘I’ll just take a short nap, 20 minutes tops’ way of thinking and then wake up four hours later wondering what happened to your ‘I’m going to get so much done’ attitude. You want to be just comfortable enough to sit in the same spot for hours at a time but not so comfortable that you might actually fall asleep.

    Just surround yourself with whatever makes you write. Try to keep your space clean and organized and let it subtly overflow with creativity and inspiration.

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