• Book Trailer ~ Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal (Second Edition)

    The book trailer for Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, is now live on the Writestream Media Channel on YouTube!

    Purchase Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

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    Book description for Water Signs ~ A Story of Love and Renewal:

    Madeline Rose is a sweet, sheltered and eternally youthful young woman of 25—the youngest child of a prominent Philadelphia neurosurgeon. Despite the unending support of a loving, close family, she battles formidable insecurities, thanks to a recent, bitter break-up with her first real boyfriend and a turbulent adolescence characterized by a few extra pounds. Unsure of her future, she struggles to live up to her potential as well as her highly educated pedigree, given her fortunate placement in an impressive ancestral heritage. Still adjusting to civilian life after four years in the United States Navy, handsome, affable and ambitious Ken Lockheart has two goals: to rise above his blue-collar, Shore town roots and to marry his true love. Though the epitome of the classic, all-American male with his boyish good looks, six-foot frame and broad, muscular body, he retains a basic humility borne of a relentless work ethic and an inner drive to succeed. When a chance encounter in a Somers Point nightclub initiates an unexpected relationship, neither one of them is prepared for the ensuing odyssey of heartbreak, personal growth and spiritual development that fuels their individual life lessons and leads them full-circle to a divinely guided conclusion.


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