• Book Trailer for The Shattering: The Lewis Chronicles, Book 1

    Book Trailer for The Shattering: The Lewis Chronicles, Book 1

    Diane Student’s Young Adult Steampunk/Dystopia novel ‘The Shattering,’ will be released sometime in July via Writestream Publishing. Watch the trailer below, which the multi-talented Diane created herself:

    As her editor, I can tell you I got caught up in this story even though the protagonist is a 15 year-old girl. Diane has crafted a creative, frightening, and ultimately hopeful tale of good versus evil, complete with subtle references to Christianity and a tribute to the bonds of love, friendship, and family. And at about 200 pages, it’s a fun, easy read.

    What if you woke up in a different world – only it wasn’t a different world? For fifteen year-old Harper Lewis, that’s the dilemma she faces upon awaking in a jail cell in the year 2050 after The Shattering. In this dystopian Earth of the future, strange creatures, airships, and steam set the backdrop for a war between two brutal factions: the inhuman Dagon and the immortality-obsessed Malucians. With the help of newfound friends Z, Cricket, Baldr, Annie Devlin, and Captain Yazu, Harper must fight her way out of this prison and find her way back home to 2013. But when circumstances conspire to test her will, she finds herself in an unenviable position: Should she risk a return home, or join her friends in battle against the evil forces of the Malucians, led by the despotic Donald Carver, and the cyborg legion of the Dagon, led by the demonic Abaddon?

    Stay tuned for a big announcement next month!

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