• Book Publisher versus Book Publicist

    Book Publisher versus Book Publicist

    What is the difference between a book publisher and a book publicist? It’s an excellent question, one worthy of a blog post explaining the difference.

    I recently attended a free webinar presented by Michelle Kulp, founder of BestSellingAuthorProgram.com, with whom Writestream Publishing has an affiliation (check out our Super Star and Rock Star Packages here). Before I share what I learned about book publicity, I’ll explain what Writestream Publishing provides.

    Our all-inclusive packages offer (at a minimum):

    • Professional Editing (a $1,000+ value)
    • Customized, Original Book Cover Design
    • ISBN (International Book Standard Number) Assignment
    • LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number)
    • Formatting for Paperback
    • Formatting for Kindle/eBook
    • Personalized Back Cover
    • Author Keeps Ownership of Book
    • Author Keeps 100% of Royalties
    • Volume Discounts
    • Worldwide Distribution

    For more, visit our Publishing Packages page. To sum up, we provide the professional services every author needs to begin with an excellent foundation — a properly edited, formatted, and published book. For those who have a concept, but do not have the time or the inclination to write, we also offer ghostwriting as an add-on service. For books with multiple authors, we created a Project Management Package.

    Providing these services with professionalism and efficiency is a full-time job, one we take seriously even as we make the process enjoyable and simple. But writing a book is only the beginning. Once you “publish with a strong foundation,” to use Michelle Kulp’s language, the work of publicity begins.

    Book publicity is a full-time effort in itself. It requires knowledge and expertise that go far beyond the services I described above, which is why we were proud to affiliate with Michelle to create our two bestseller packages that include publishing and publicity.

    Michelle has created a proven system of success with her Amazon Bestseller Program. In her webinar, she explained the benefits of becoming an Amazon Bestselling Author:

    • It Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd
    • It Makes You an Instant Expert
    • It Helps You Attract More Clients and Leads
    • It Helps You Spread Your Ideas and Your Message
    • It Helps You Build a 6+ Figure Business

    So the question becomes, how do you stand out with all of the books on Amazon? This is a HUGE problem right now because, as Michelle states, “saturation causes noise.”

    The way you become an expert, then, is by having a #1 Bestselling Book. This will yield:

    • MORE Influence and Impact Worldwide
    • MORE Income (many ways to generate it via your book)
    • MORE Independence (time and freedom)

    Sounds great, right?

    But there is a catch. It is not enough to write and publish a professional book; you must have a SYSTEM in place to ensure your audience can find it. Michelle notes that some common mistakes authors make include:

    • No Email List
    • No Positioning
    • No Calls to Action
    • No Products or Services to Sell
    • No Website
    • No Long-term Plan

    But even if you do have ALL or SOME of these, without an effective system, you cannot become an Amazon Bestseller. Michelle has created a proven system in 3 steps:

    1. Design Your Path to Profit
    2. Publish Your Book on Top of a Strong Foundation
    3. Promote to a Large Audience with a Hollywood-style Book Launch

    Writestream Publishing can help with #2. However, if you want to take advantage of Amazon’s “most powerful marketing system” by becoming an Amazon Bestselling Author, I highly recommend contacting Michelle Kulp at her website, BestSellingAuthorProgram.com, where you can read her clients’ testimonials and schedule your own strategy call with her.

    Listen to my interview with Michelle this past April below.

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