• Your Book Is Your Business Card. Writestream Offers a Simple Process with a Personal Touch.

    Your Book Is Your Business Card. Writestream Offers a Simple Process with a Personal Touch.

    Have you thought about writing and publishing a book to enhance or expand your existing business?
    Or maybe you have a valuable story to share with the world, one you know will inspire millions of people to make a change?
    If so, you’re in great company. Most entrepreneurs KNOW that having a published book is the “new business card.” Forbes.com agrees that writing a book is good business. As Erika Anderson states in her article:
    “I propose that writing a book – a good book, mind you – can be hugely helpful to you and to your business. By ‘good book’ I mean one that is well-written (grammatically and syntactically correct, with complete sentences and understandable, appropriate vocabulary); contains clearly stated, useful ideas; and is engaging – meaning readers will be drawn in and interested, vs. bored and confused.”
    Sounds great, right?
    The problem is, if you’re a busy professional, finding the time to write and publish a high-quality book can be challenging, if not impossible. That’s where Writestream Publishing comes in. As the co-founders of this women-owned company that thrives on being different from our competitors, we will guide you through every step of the process. From beginning your manuscript to selling your book worldwide, we’ll help you achieve your goals with a professionally produced book you can be proud of.
    • Do you have a good concept but no interest in writing? Daria Anne is a seasoned ghostwriter who will write your words in your voice – with your input every step of the way.
    • Is there a half-written or full manuscript sitting in your computer? Lisa and Daria Anne can coach you through the process of completing your book. And no matter which service and package best meets your needs and goals, all include professional editing to ensure excellent organization, flow, and content.
    There’s never been a better time to write and publish your book. And there’s no better company in the marketplace today than Writestream Publishing. Contact us here for more information and to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your project. We look forward to hearing from you!
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