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    When it comes to finding the best publishing companies for your book, do your homework. Even though an endless amount of publishing companies are available with just a click of the mouse, you want to hire the best publishing company for you. And that can be an overwhelming task. As we mentioned in our post, Publishers to Avoid, making the right decision is critical.

    But how can you determine the best publishing company for you?

    We’ve compiled a list of essential qualities of the best publishing companies. When doing your research, keep these in mind.

    Best Publishing Companies are Upfront with Pricing

    They will list their pricing on their website, along with all of the services included.

    Best Publishing Companies Offer All-Inclusive Packages

    They include vital services like editing, interior formatting, customized cover design, ISBN (International Book Standard Number), and a personalized back cover.

    document-428334_640The Best Publishing Companies Do Not Hit You with Hidden Fees

    They clearly define the services you can expect in exchange for the specific package you select.

    The Best Publishing Companies Put It In Writing

    They work with professional contracts. In these clear, concise contracts, they include the services you will receive in exchange for your payment(s).

    The Best Publishing Companies Are Accessible

    They assign a designated project lead to your project, even if others may be involved. This person responds in a timely manner to phone calls and emails. Based on the parameters of your contract, they will also keep you on track, perform their assigned duties according to your agreement, and provide excellent customer service.

    The Best Publishing Companies Care About Your Book As Much As You Do

    They want to produce a quality product just as much as you do. Why? Their imprint will be on your book. To reach that mutual goal, they are willing to make professional suggestions and offer constructive feedback.

    The Best Publishing Companies Offer a Package Tailored to Individual Goals, Preferences and Budgets

    They offer something for every author. Whether you want to be an Amazon Bestseller; use your book as an enhancement to your existing career or a stepping-stone to a new one; or leave behind a lasting legacy for family and friends, the best publishing companies offer something for everyone.

    For more information about our services, click on Publishing Packages. If you would like to speak with us about your unique project, we offer a free, 30-minute consultation. Contact us to schedule the call.










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