• Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Announces New Royalty Policy

    Amazon’g Kindle Direct Publishing Announces New Royalty Policy

    Online retail giant Amazon.com set off a firestorm this week with the news of its new royalty policy with respect to authors who opt to publish their books via the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. While this new policy only affects authors who voluntarily sign up for KDP — at least at this point in time — many have expressed concerns about a “slippery slope” — not only does it appear to be an invasion of privacy (“data mining”) but how long until this new policy affects all books published on Amazon?

    While I’m taking a “wait and see” approach, I understand and share these worries, being an independently published author myself. From Tech Crunch.com:

    Starting on July 1 Amazon says it will be switching how it calculates KDP royalties from the current situation, of “qualified borrows”, to paying out based on the number of pages read. It will also be changing the bonus programs for KDP Select authors to the same pay per page model. Currently it calculates KDP share of royalties based on either downloads (for KOLL), or how frequently Kindle Unlimited customers choose a book and read more than 10% of it (hence that “qualified borrows” phrase).

    “We’re making this switch in response to great feedback we received from authors who asked us to better align payout with the length of books and how much customers read. Under the new payment method, you’ll be paid for each page individual customers read of your book, the first time they read it,” is how Amazon explains the change.

    Read the entire article at Tech Crunch.com.

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