• 9 Tips When Writing Is Bringing You Down

    9 Tips When Writing Is Bringing You Down 

    Sometimes you need 9 tips when writing is bringing you down, even if you love to write. After all, you can lose the motivation to do what you love from time to time. I always think of writing like a relationship: there are ups and downs but at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want it any other way. It is okay to feel like you want to quit sometimes, like you picked the wrong path and now you are in over your head. Guess what? You’re not! It is okay to feel like you’re losing it sometimes but it is important to make sure you handle it in the best way possible. Before you pick an entirely different career path, try out a few of these tips; it can’t hurt.

    1. Take a Break

    Starting simple. When you have a deadline or you are just trying to write your novel and you are crunched for time, it can be difficult to justify a break, bur it is necessary sometimes. You need to give yourself a little while to clear your head. Even if you are just stepping out of your writing space for a few minutes, it is better than nothing and it could be enough to send you back with a fresh mind.

    10553350_10208625560826590_3439944286610573648_n2. Break Your Routine

    It can be so easy to fall in to a day-to-day routine, and once you’re in it, it can be hard to get out. These routines can crush our creativity and take away any possibility for inspiration. So do something to break your routine. Start small, if you would like: Shower at night instead of in the morning. Order a pizza instead of making dinner. Make small changes in order to get out of that day-to-day routine.

    3. Take a Trip

    Whether it is a short day-trip or a week long vacation, getting out in the world and experiencing life can be life altering. You never truly know what is out there until you go and see it for yourself. So get out and feed your wanderlust. It will reward you with inspiration.

    4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    This can go two different ways. It can be to step out of your writing comfort zone, meaning write something you wouldn’t normally write, either a different genre or a different style. This could also mean to do something you would not normally do. Either way you are opening up your mind and allowing yourself to experience new things, which will ultimately help you with your writing.

    5. Stay Present in the Moment

    Yes, writing can be a lot of pressure, but sometimes you have to just let that all go. Don’t allow yourself to think about everyone else’s opinions of what you are writing; don’t think about if you will be successful with what you are writing. Write because you love writing.

    12345611_10205048455786865_7954804333677577672_n6. Try Not to Think Too Much

    Along with staying present in the moment, try to not obsess over what you are writing. Just let it flow and if nothing is coming to you, take a break. Putting more pressure on yourself will only decrease your quality of writing. You don’t want to procrastinate, but don’t force it.

    7. Be Yourself

    Everyone says this but it is true within your writing as well. Don’t conform your writing to please others. You always want your personality to come off in your writing because that is what makes it fun. Writing for the sole purpose of getting another’s approval is what takes all of the enjoyment out of writing. Write for you.

    8. Read

    We all start with reading and typically it is what makes us love writing. We develop our own writing style by reading works from the authors and writers we love. If you aren’t reading, it can be extremely difficult to stay in love with writing.

    9. Reminisce

    Think about why and how you fell in love with writing in the first place. Was it a book you read? Was it a poem you stumbled across? Was it the creation of people and worlds simply through letters strung together into words? Recollecting your love of writing and your progress from when you first began your adventure with words can spark up something inside of you that you may have forgotten about.

    At the end of the day remember that you are doing what you love. It is normal to go through times when you feel that you are losing sight of your passion. Try out these tips and do some soul searching. You may find that it is not writing that is the problem; you may need to balance out other parts of your life.

    Editor’s Note: This post was written by Writestream Publishing contributor Kristyn Fetterman. Need some help with your writing and publishing needs? Contact us here to set up your free, no-obligation consultation.

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