• 5 Star Reviews for ‘To Guard My Every Neighbor: Inside the Fire’

    We are just a few days away from the official launch of To Guard My Every Neighbor: Inside the Fire. Ahead of the official release, the book has received glowing editorial reviews from well-respected sources:

    First of all let me say, ‘Thank you for your service, Lt. Schneider.’

    Your book is a gripping, visceral and completely compelling compilation of raw human emotion, tragedy, triumph and advice. Advice for anyone contemplating becoming a fireman, first responder or policemen. Advice to the community on common sense (when to call 911 for BS calls), how the community should respect everyone in these professions and not have the attitude ‘I pay your salary.’

    To Guard My Every Neighbor is a tough  read because of your brutal honesty about accidents, injuries and deaths. Your descriptions of broken bodies, massive trauma and especially the deaths of children are heart breaking.

    My father was a policeman in Long Island, New York and he saw some pretty horrific crime and accident scenes. One in particular haunted him throughout his life. A man was mowing his terraced lawn and the mower got away from him and fell onto the ground below, striking and killing his son. It was gruesome.

    Having lived most of my life in Brevard County and in particular, Merritt Island, the streets, neighborhoods and landmarks are very familiar to me.

    The chapter about you and your fellow firefighter, Brock, traveling to New York City the day after 9/11 was nothing short of riveting. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with your brothers in arms from the North, digging through the rubble to find the remains of the valiant men and women who perished that fateful day. I was in tears.

    My late husband and I went to Ground Zero the Christmas after it happened. There was a strange, acrid stench in the air that I had never experienced but I now will never forget. I asked him what it was and he said- it’s the smell of the dead. He knew, because he had served in Vietnam. I spent the entire trip thanking cops and fireman -and hugging them, if they allowed me. I do it to this day.

    Your descriptions of the gear and tools of the firefighters (and how much they weigh) is educational. It’s hot as hell in Florida and with all that gear it has to be miserable.

    I commend you for your honesty about the physical and mental toll these occupations have on these brave men and women and their relationships — yourself included.

    The way you and your “brotherhood” give back to wounded warriors and other veterans is uplifting. Your acknowledgement of PTSD and the lack of support for those afflicted  in the firefighting community was eye-opening.

    You paint an an amazing picture of human misery and anguish. I highly recommend this fascinating, heart-pounding read to everyone: firefighters, first responders, policemen, doctors, nurses, parents, the military- in other words, everyone in every community.

    So once again, I say, “Thank you for your service, Lt. Schneider.”

    And thank you, Daria Anne DiGiovanni and Lisa Tarves for bringing “Spike’s” extraordinary life story to EVERY neighbor.  – Harriet Baldwin, journalist.

    From Mark Mynheir, former homicide detective and author:

    To Guard my Every Neighbor is a raw, honest, and often chilling account of a first-responder’s world from someone who lived it. Lt. Keith Schneider’s gripping story chronicles the life a fireman, the emotional ups and downs, the deep sadness and profound humor, and the heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping calls for service that you’ll never forget. To Guard my Every Neighbor is a must-read.

    And from Kimberly McGath, former police detective, cold case consultant, and author:

    To Guard My Every Neighbor: Inside the Fire is a compelling account inside the life of one of our nation’s finest, Lieutenant Keith Schneider. This heroic firefighter truly brings you deep inside the fire. As you read you become immersed in the heart-wrenching moments that will open your eyes to what our first responders endure on a daily basis. A must read for anyone considering a career in the field. Lieutenant Schneider includes childhood stories that will make you laugh out loud and tragically true tales that will make you cry. Five Stars!

    Pre-order your copy on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.


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