• 5-Star Review for Water Signs by Daria Anne DiGiovanni

    Another 5-star review for Water Signs by Daria Anne DiGiovanni:

    Romance and Suspense — the Best of the Best!

    I couldn’t stop myself from being addicted to the outcome of this story! As a mom and an Entrepreneur reading a novel is PURE luxury for me. Reading Daria’s book gave me the escape I needed as I feel in-love with Madeline and could relate to all the longings of her heart, torn between “the right thing to do” by her family and religious standard and what she felt in her heart. Every woman can relate her own youthful hopefulness for a “lifetime” romance, however, Madeline’s journey to love is suspenseful and so engaging I couldn’t stop reading ….and just when I thought the plot was winding down a new twist to keep me hooked was in the next chapter. Indulge in the “treat” of reading this story.

    Purchase Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal on Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle. The author saw a need for a book that reflected the struggles many traditional women experience. Mainly, honoring one’s upbringing and values while interacting in a modern world. Based on real-life experience, it tells the story of Madeline Rose — a somewhat naive and overly protected daughter in a close family.

    She deals with obstacles including parental disapproval of a man she loves; panic and anxiety disorder; and personal insecurities. Along this 14-year journey, she develops spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in ways she never could have predicted at the outset.

    The character of Ken makes a profound difference in her life in a completely unexpected way. Among other things, he’s an unknowing catalyst for her personal growth. In a sense, he’s one of her biggest teachers, although for most of the book he remains unaware of it.

    If you want to read a contemporary romance that’s not afraid to explore raw human emotion through life experience, read Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal┬áby Daria Anne DiGiovanni.

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